Presented by Jonathan K. Meyers, Tyler W. LeBaron, and David C. Collins

March 1, 2014
Writer: Brenda Pincock

ABSTRACT: Writing assignments are typically incorporated into chemistry courses in an attempt to enhance the learning of chemistry or to teach technical writing to chemistry majors. This work addresses the development of chemistry-major writing skills by focusing on the rigorous guidelines and conventions associated with the preparation of a journal article. In an attempt to reproduce the entire process associated with the writing of a peer-reviewed journal article (i.e., designing an experiment, collecting data, modifying an experiment, evaluating and interpreting data, and communicating results) kitchen chemistry projects were employed. These projects facilitated the development of student work ownership and better simulated a journal-article writing experience in comparison to laboratory reports and other conventional options. Student written work was submitted to the in-house journal The Journal of Kitchen Chemistry for publication. Students responded favorably to the course structure and the kitchen chemistry project concept. Complete course structure, kitchen chemistry project guidelines, journal-article requirements, and survey
results are presented.

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