Kathleen Munns presented on the BYU-I Chemistry Society at the ACS conference in Colorado.

June 30, 2011
Writer: Kathleen A Munns, Michael S Pack, Marie Piiparinen, John Z Hancock, Joseph W Hubbard, Leslie A Scriver, Lauren A Holden, Trevor J Smith, Stephen Ott, PhD, Hector A. Becerril-Garcia, PhD, and David C. Collins, PhD

The objectives of the Brigham Young University-Idaho Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society include participation in community outreach, development of chemical awareness through education, student career preparation, support of chemistry department and university activities, and social development among students and faculty.  These objectives were realized during the academic year 2010/2011 through regular meetings and activities.  Community outreach included helping local scouts earn their chemistry merit badge, mentoring K-12 students on science projects, and judging the local science fair.  Chemical awareness was developed by presenting chemistry demonstrations at local elementary and high schools during National Chemistry Week.  Internship and career nights were held regularly each semester to help prepare students for future careers.  The chemistry department and university were supported by cleaning the chemistry department’s laboratory hoods, overseeing a breakout session for the 2011 Regional math Competition, and managing the booth for the university’s Major Fail.  Volleyball, bowling, barbecues, and the building of an Erlenmeyer flask snow sculpture all helped develop social bonds among students and faculty.


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