Susan Ward

Associate Dean Of Faculty Development

Phone Number   208-496-7720
Email Address
Address   248 ROM


Description of Research with Dr. Susan Ward

(In Conjunction with Dr. Mark Pugh and Dr. Kerensa Sorensen-Stowell)

diagram of synthesis of organic structures

  I am an organic chemist, interested in the synthesis of organic structures and structure determination using spectroscopic methods.  The BYU-Idaho chemistry department maintains an organic research group all three semesters of our academic year.  Kerensa Sorensen-Stowell, Mark Pugh and I each take one semester out of the year to mentor the organic research group.  Usually, we have 5 - 10 students involved per semester.  Preference is given to chemistry/biochemistry majors.  Students will work as teams, usually in groups of 2 - 3, on an organic project during the semester and then participate in the Research and Creative Works here on campus at the end of the semester.  Projects will vary, but each project will give students experience in:

·        Professional literature searches

·        Organic synthesis in the laboratory

·        Laboratory separation techniques

·        Hands-on Instrumentation, such as IR and NMR spectroscopy

If you are interested, please talk with any of the three professors involved - we would love to work with you!