General Policies

  • Only non-graphing calculators may be used on Quizzes and Exams
  • All Chem. 101 and 105 students must pass a Laboratory Safety Exam before being allowed to perform assigned labs

Research Policies

  • Student Researchers must work in groups of two or more people
  • Door will always remain open while doing student research
  • Student will receive either credit or salary - not both
  • Student must have previous 490 credit or strong recommendation from a faculty before doing research
  • Rate is 4 hours per week per credit; maximum 6 credits total - 2 per semester
  • Faculty mentor must be notified when student researcher is in lab performing research

Credit for AP Courses

  • Exam Score 3 - Chemistry 101
  • Exam Sore 4 - Chemistry 105
  • Exam Score 5 - Chemistry 105 & 106 *

*If laboratory notebook is satisfactory; Please contact Department for notebook review.


  • Testing Center offers a CLEP exam where credit may be received for Math 110.  Test must be passed with a 50 to receive credit for Math 110.
  • Chemistry Majors need to have an approved Grad Plan completed before they will be able to register for their second semester of each new track year.
  • Math requirement will be waived for enrollment in Chem. 101 with an ALEKS math test is passed with a score of 55 or higher.
  • Math 110 course may be waived for enrollment in Chem. 105 and Chem. 106 if the ALEX math test is passed with a 70 or higher. If your major requires Math 110, you will still need to take that course before graduating.