Hector Becerril

Chemistry Internship Coordinator

Phone Number 208-496-7706

Email Address becerrilh@byui.edu

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Chemistry Major Internships

All chemistry majors are required to complete a hand-on, laboratory-based, off-campus internship as a capstone to their undergraduate studies.  These internships expose students to exciting areas of research and development in all areas of chemistry.  Our students have found internships in a variety of locations, including:

Academic research centers (BYU, University of Utah, Arizona State University, etc.)
Government research institutions (Idaho National Laboratory, Ames National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, etc.)
Industrial positions (Micron Technologies, Stukenholtz Analytical Lab, etc.)

and other interesting places, including international locations.

All students are required to complete a written report on their internship, in the style of a journal research article, and to give an oral presentation to the department upon their return.  This gives students a chance to hone their written and oral communication skills that are essential to further work in industry or graduate school.  Internship providers have given high praise for our students' readiness for their internships, their hard work and attitude during the internships, and the quality of their contributions.  

A number of faculty at BYU-Idaho are engaged in small-scale research projects designed to give students valuable, real-world experience prior to seeking an internship and/or to further develop skills gained during an internship.  For further information about internships or research at BYU-Idaho, contact the chemistry department office.