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Saturday, October 7
7:30 p.m., Kirkham Auditorium

Back on the remote Scottish island of Tiree in 2005, the raw, but contemporary trad quartet that formed Skerryvore, could have only dreamed that over the next decade they would become a multi-award winning act. The band has performing in over 25 countries worldwide, and been featured as ambassadors for their country in an international advertising campaign for "Visit Scotland." From those traditional roots, the band has developed, both in size and sound, to create a unique fusion of their traditional music and songs, with the urban sounds of rock, pop and funk. With their outstanding musicianship and the mesmerizing voice of award-winning singer-songwriter Alec Dalglish, Skerryvore has become an international sensation, performing in cities such as Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Madrid, Munich and New York. The band's high-energy shows have also featured at many premier festivals, both at home and abroad.

Notice: Concert could be loud. Tickets go on sale September 5. Cost is $6 for BYU-Idaho students, $12 for general public. No children under four. Classroom dress.

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