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Barrage 8

Friday, April 21
7:30 p.m., Hart Auditorium

Barrage is back...with a twist! Utilizing the same energy, panache and innovative stage performance that Barrage was known for, Barrage 8 features all the instruments in the modern string family. The "8" in the name represents a re-imagining of the string octet: five violins, viola, cello and double bass. This instrumentation drives a rich and powerful sonic palette that further explores the musical diversity in the Barrage 8 compositions and arrangements. Barrage 8 presents what the Barrage name has come to represent worldwide: "A memorable presentation of music, from many genres and cascading generations, delivered in a way not seen or heard before."
Tickets go on sale April 3. $6 for BYU-Idaho students, $12 for general public. No children under four. Classroom dress.

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