Suspension of Service

Going on a mission? Want to keep your number while you're away or just cancel your cell phone line? Do you simply need to place your cell phone line on hold for a few months? We have a few options available for you.

  • Military Suspension - Sprint has a plan for the U.S. Military that is also available to Peace Corp personnel and missionaries. Your cell phone number is placed on military suspension from 18 - 36 months at no charge to you. Your contract continues through the suspension so you may be eligible for upgrade upon your return. Contact the Sprint Department with your name, mission dates, and location and we will set up a time to start the suspension.
  • Seasonal Standby - This option is preferred if you plan to travel abroad for an extended period of time or if you are planning a 6 - 12 month mission. Seasonal Standby keeps your phone number active, but will not charge you the full price for service with Sprint. The cost for this plan is $0.01 per month plus a small amount in fees and taxes. The average price is $1.27/month. Seasonal Standby places a hold on your contract for a maximum of 9 months, which extends your contract commitment by the number of months it remains on your line. For example, if your contract was set to end on 8/1/17 and you are gone for four months, your new contract end date will be 12/1/17.
  • Line Cancellation - You may cancel your phone line(s) if you leave for a mission while still under contract with Sprint. You will incur an early termination fee by cancelling. Please see the Additional Fees section for details about this ETF. You will be responsible to pay this fee and any balance remaining on your monthly service bill.