Coverage Map

Sprint has nationwide coverage for voice and data services. In Rexburg, there are Sprint towers on the BYU Idaho stadium and on the water tower. To see how Sprint's coverage for your area please enter your address on the coverage map.  If you are in an area that is off network roaming, your Sprint phone will have service by accessing other cell carrier towers. Sprint has contracted with other providers to provide service to you at no additional cost in this way. 

The BYU Idaho/Sprint contract limits off network data roaming to 100MB per month. This amount will allow you to send and receive an average of 100 emails with attachments, surf the web for 6 hours, or make 40 photo posts to your social media apps. Once you reach 100MB in a month, your data speeds will be throttled to 64kb. You will not be charged for overages. 

There are times when customers who are under contract on the BYUI/Sprint plan move to a location where there are coverage issues. These customer may wish to take their phone number to a different provider. If you do this, you will be subject to an early termination fee (see Additional Fees). If you wish to avoid this ETF, you will have to provide documentation of issues you have reported to Sprint. Based on those reported issues, Sprint will consider reversing the ETF. The Sprint Department at BYUI has no authority to waive the fee in this situation. 

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