Additional Fees

Early Termination Fee

When you purchase a phone on the BYUI/Sprint cell phone plan, the device price is subsidized by Sprint. You pay only a fraction of the total cost of the phone and commit to remain with Sprint for 12 or 24 months. If you end your contract early by cancelling your line or porting to another provider, you will be charged an early termination fee (ETF). This fee is calculated based on the number of months you have remaining on your contract.

  • Smart phone - $350 maximum. After 6 months, this price decreases to $340 and then decreases by $20 per month to a minimum of $100.
  • Basic phone - $200 maximum. After 4 months, this price decreases by $10 per month to a minimum of $50. 

If you fulfill your 12 or 24-month contract, the device you purchased from Sprint now belongs to you.

Cold Device Fee

When purchasing a phone on the BYUI/Sprint plan, you receive a subsidy or discount off of the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  For example, if you buy a new iPhone at $200, Sprint subsidizes the balance of the MSRP at $450. To keep that subsidy you must:

  • Activate the device on the BYUI account within 60 days of the date Sprint ships the device.
  • Keep the device activated on the account for a minimum of 60 days.

If you fail to comply with these requirements, and you do not return the device to Sprint within 60 days, you will be billed for the amount of the subsidy or discount provided. Further, you may not resell any devices purchased from Sprint that are not in compliance with the conditions of the contract.

Non-returned Device Fee

When we process a device return as a warranty replacement, the device must be returned to Sprint within 15 days. If it is not received, a non-returned device fee will be billed to your account. The fee is typically the current retail value of the device being returned. If you feel you were charged this fee in error, please contact the Sprint Department. We will work with our Sprint representatives to determine if/when the device was returned and, if the return is verified, reverse the fee.

Damage Beyond Repair Fee

When we process a warranty replacement, Sprint's representatives must verify the issue with your device is covered by warranty. If they find the issue is a result of damage, you will be billed a damage beyond repair fee. This fee is $75 - $125 based on phone model, age, and condition the phone was received. You will also be charged this fee if there is no issue found with the returned phone.

Restocking Fee

A $35 restocking fee is charged any time a device is returned to Sprint. There are exceptions for devices received damaged from the warehouse, warranty exchanges, or with manager approval. There will not be exceptions for personal preference returns/exchanges. Please be aware of this fee when ordering your new phone.