November 10, 2017
Writer: LH

Cari Gommesen 

Gommesen Family  

Job Title 
Live in Nanny 

Job Description 
We are looking for someone who wants to join our family and help with our two boys. The job will be challenging and the boys will test you. They have a TON of energy and need someone who can keep up with them. We need someone who enjoys the cold as we still need the boys to get out in the winter. Both boys are home schooled and we need someone who is willing to help with their school. Normal duties include helping with the boys in dressing, feeding, playing, laundry, helping them clean up their messes, taking them around the city to the library, park, etc. We also need help with cooking and basic household cleaning. We need someone who will care about the kids and our family. We do not want hired help. 
   There will also be one date night a week we will need child watch. 
   When not helping directly with kids we will need help with the laundry, cooking and cleaning. That will take up some more of your day. We eat around 6:30 PM. (Don't worry, we are not hard to cook for). Dishes after dinner will also be your responsibility. 
   The hours will vary each week and there may be one or two times during the year that you are with the kids overnight for a few days. 

Requirements / Qualifications 
   First off, I want you to know that I have been a nanny and Au pair before so I understand how it feels to live with a family you don't know. I know how the transition goes with moving into a new place. 
   Second, we have had a few nannies live with us, so we understand what we are looking for. We know what it takes to have a good relationship between us and the nanny. We truly want whats best for all of us. 
   We live in a modest house in the Middle of Michigan. The city has two lakes, some clothes shopping stores, two supermarkets, a small grocery store and a very busy downtown area. We live within walking distance to the library, a few parks, movie theater, a few restaurants, a medium grocery store, one of the lakes, and downtown. 
   We own a toy store downtown and love our community. We have lived here for 4 years. I, Cari, also work at an insurance agency and run three of the offices. I work part time and help at the store as well. We are a fun, loving, and easy going family. The boys like to read books, watch movies (we don't allow a lot), do crafts, play games, be outside and eat. We like to travel and do things as a family. 

Start Dat:e 
January 15 2018 

Duration/End Date: 

40 to 45 

350 per week 

How to Apply: 
Email or call Cari at2315100135 

Application Deadline: 

Can't wait to hear from you!