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Looking for a little extra cash or gas money? This page contains odd jobs and tasks listed by local community members - you'll find personal service needs like painting a house, helping someone move, raking leaves and yard work, etc.

These are jobs for which someone would like to hire a student for only a few hours or a few days .

For career and "regular" employment postings, internships, etc - please be sure to visit Career Navigator .

BYU-Idaho strives to ensure all postings are legitimate, and advises you to use caution and common sense in applying for any position.

Contact Name: Michael O'Neal 
Company: Crystal Clear Cleaning 
Contact Phone: 803-873-3222 
Address, City, State: 370 w 7th s, Rexburg, Idaho 
Email Address: rexburgcrystalclean@gmail.com 
Job Title: Cleaner 
Job Description: We do white glove cleaning during the semester breaks and will service students apartments as whole apartments or individuals.            
Start Date: April 9, 2015 
Duration / End Date: April 15, 2015 
Hours: 9 hours/day 
Pay / Wage: $9.00/apartment (roughly $9.00-$12.00/hr) 
How to Apply: Contact Michael about job opportunity or visit rexburgcrystalclean.com and visit the employment tab. 
Other / Comments: Great way to earn a couple hundred dollars during the semester break! Fun, good environment and you work with teams or individually!
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: John Hamilton 
Company: Compact Tractors of Idaho 
Contact Phone: 208-360-6662 
Address, City, State: 4105 E 605 N. Rigby, Id. 83448 
Email Address: compacttractors@msn.com 
Job Title: Mechanical- assembly of UTV's, mini bikes, small tractors etc. 
Job Description: You will be doing minor mechanical work. Background working on your motorcycle, car, tractor etc is very helpful. Must be self-motivated as most of the work is unsupervised. Must be very honest, dependable, and presentable to the public. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Mechanical skills, basic math, basic computer, communication skills. 
Start Date: ASAP 
Duration / End Date: Spring and summer work. 
Hours: Afternoons and some Saturdays mornings. 
Pay / Wage: $8.50 
How to Apply: Contact John in the afternoons (after 3:00) at 208-360-6662 or email us at compacttractors@msn.com     We are somewhat flexible for the right person. 
Application Deadline: As soon as someone is hired. 
Other / Comments: You will need transportation to the Rigby area.
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Bart Rigby 
Company: LB Farms 
Contact Phone: (208) 351-2611 
Address, City, State: Rexburg, ID 
Email Address: rllfarms@gmail.com 
Job Title: Farm Helper 
Job Description: Helping with day to day farm work. Can usually work around your schedule. Close to campus. Call for more details. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Willingness to work hard 
Start Date: Around April 1, 2015 
Duration / End Date: Summer- Early Fall 
Hours: 20-40 
Pay / Wage: 10.00/ hr 
How to Apply: Email Bart at rllfarms@gmail.com
Application Deadline: May 28, 2015
Posted: 3/31/15

Job Description: My landscape and construction jobs are picking up and I am looking for another few hires doing various landscaping, sprinkler systems, home remodels and basement finishing.
How to Apply: Email Sklyer Dabell your resume to fowlgeek@Hotmail.com or contact me at 208.440.9467.
Posted: 3/31/15

Company: Cable One
Job Opening: CA724 Field Technician (drop Bury)
Job Description: Cable One has immediate openings for Seasonal Field Technicians in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Must be able to run hand or powered equipment for burying cable service drops, Must be able to operate power tools and hand tools safely. Maintain Company - owned equipment in accordance with local system guidelines.
Requirements: Must possess a valid IDAHO driver's license and clean record. Must be a team player, self - motivated, and possess good communication, technical and public relation skills. Not all of the essential functions of this position are included in this posting.  
Apply at: Name: Brett Young - Technical Operations Manager
1525 Sherry Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Phone: (208) 523-4567
Email: IdahoFallsJobs@cableone.biz
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Laura Cook 
Company: Glebe Handyman 
Contact Phone: 936-404-4911 
Address, City, State: 36 N. Millhollow Rd. Rexburg, ID 
Email Address: laandersen11@gmail.com 
Job Title: Acting CEO Internship 
Job Description: We are offering a very unique internship in Entrepreneurship or Business Management.          Simply, you will become the "acting" CEO of an established Handyman company in the Washington D.C. area. The company is established, we are profitable, we have employees, and we are growing quickly.               
Job Duties: As acting CEO of the company you will work closely and be coached by the two owners of the company who are season entrepreneurs and business mangers. You will be responsible over the 5 aspects of business, HR, Promotions, operations, Finance and Legal. We expect you to work with the employees as a motivator until you understand every aspect of their job. Beyond that you will be able to work with the owners to work to strategically grow the business. Your overall goal will be to increase revenues, build the business, and make sure the company runs smoothly.       Why would we offer this experience: While I was a student at BYU-I I was the CEO of a business, to have a working model (operating business) while learning new principles from my professors, I was able to immediately apply it to my business. Which allowed me to think more strategically and past the surface problems where a lot of people spend much of their time. This experience will teach the acting CEO intern every aspect of business with a hands on approach. Ultimately it will give them a high level view of working business and experience. We would like to pass this CEO experience on to a new generation of BYU-I students. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Required Skills: Excellent leadership skills, detail oriented, general construction/handyman skills, and the ability to learn quickly. Geographical Requirements: You will be required to live in the DC Area (Arlington VA is best) for 3-6 months and have transportation.                
Start Date: April/May 2015 
Duration / End Date: Depends on availability 
Hours: Full time 
Pay / Wage: Compensation: Mix of $8-17 dollars per hour (depending on experience with handyman skills/business acumen) and a performance bonus at the end of each month. 
How to Apply: If you are interested please send us your resume and cover letter including: (1)a paragraph about your Handyman skills and experience, (2) a paragraph about why you would be a good fit for this internship and what you would hope to learn from this experience. Send to Laura Cook via email: laandersen11@gmail.com
Application Deadline: May 1, 2015 
Other / Comments: Discussion of details of the logistics of getting/living in D.C. for the internship will be had upon completion of preliminary interview. 
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Dave Carlson 
Company:  David G. Carlson Consulting 
Contact Phone: 907-439-4007 
Address, City, State: P.O. Box 613 Naknek, AK 99633 
Email Address: davidcarlson51@gmail.com 
Job Title: Commercial fishing tender crew member 
Job Description: Assist in the operation of a commercial salmon fishing fish transport tender in Bristol Bay, Bering Sea, Alaska. Long hours, often cold (45-65 F) and wet. Duties include loading and offloading of salmon from smaller vessels, tying and untying from larger and smaller vessels and docks, maintaining anchor and refrigeration watch, operate RSW system, assist in the maintenance and operation of all equipment. Showers and laundry are only available for a short time in port.     We work basically on a lunar clock, as the fishing openings usually go from low water to high water, which is a function of the lunar cycle. During the peak, we're all low on sleep, so we take turns on watch, and might do a 2 hour watch followed by 4 hours sleep before the next 2 hour watch. This is during the peak week or two. Crew also sleeps while the captain is driving the boat back to the dock to unload. When a crew member gets trained to navigate, they can take a turn at the helm. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Must be physically able to withstand adverse climate conditions and some rough seas (3-8 foot waves). Must be a good 'people person'. Crewmembers are responsible for helping fishermen maintain their morale. Mechanical abilities a plus. Crew takes turns cooking and doing dishes. Crew also rotates assignments between deck work and bookkeeping. There is zero tolerance for drugs, tobacco, alcohol or any mind altering substance. Computer gamers not wanted. Laptop computers can be brought onboard. Uplifting reading material is encouraged. Internet is not available onboard. There is limited internet during the pre-season preparations and post-season winteriaing.     Our tenders are well known for the friendly, hard-working crew and fast unloading operations, and also for being clean-cut, and for not using any foul language.     Above all else, crewmembers must maintain a positive mental attitude. 
Start Date: June 1 
Duration / End Date: July 23 (approximately, give or take a few days) 
Hours: Depends on 'emergency order' commercial fishing openings announced by the Alaska Department 0f fish and Game. 
Pay / Wage: Pay is a percentage of the boat's charter rate, minus partial travel expense. Crew take home in the past has ranged from $5,000-$7,000 
How to Apply: Email Captain Dave Carlson at: davidcarlson51@gmail.com. Send three references, including two that can attest to your ability to fill the job description and requirements. Not all applicants will have all skills. That is expected. You will be trained to perform your job by some of the best crew in Alaska. People with scouting and camping experience may be given preference, as the job is mostly outside, and living conditions are pretty Spartan. Top applicants will be given a telephone interview, and possibly a personal interview by a former crewmember. 
Application Deadline: ASAP 
Other / Comments: BYUI has acquired a good reputation among the tender fleet here in the Bering Sea. We like the clean-cut, hard working kids that come from there. My friend John that skippers the crabber Kari Marie regularly chooses some crew from BYUI. Most of my nephews who have crewed or captained attended BYUI for part of their education. Potential applicants can go to youtube and see some videos showing some of the operation. The link to my youtube channel is :https://www.youtube.com/user/AlaskaGuyVideo     Look for videos on salmon tendering. Several of the videos have related footage.
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Bryant Jacobson 
Company: Jacobson Concrete 
Contact Phone: (208) 521-7451 
Address, City, State: Rigby, Idaho 
Email Address: jbryantjake7@gmail.com 
Job Title: Concrete Construction 
Job Description: We need help setting up, pouring, and taking apart concrete forms. We pour flatwork and foundations for agricultural, commercial and residential buildings. Can be physically demanding at times. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Need own tools such as a hammer, tape measure, and gloves. Need to be able to carry heavy weight at times. Need own transportation to and from meeting point. 
Start Date: ASAP 
Duration / End Date: Summer Job 
Hours: 40 to 50 hours/ week 
Pay / Wage: $10/hour 
How to Apply: Call Bryant

Job Position: Sales Specialist
Contact: Blake Rossell               
Email resumes to: blake@frozendessertsupplies.com
Location: 237 N 2nd East, Suite 100 Rexburg, Idaho 83440
Pay: Starting $8.00
Hours: Flexible Shift Schedules
Responsibilities: Managing weekly and daily sales in order to increase revenue and move product. This position also covers inbound sales with opportunities to up sell. Requested Document Notes: Write a few sentences telling us why you'd be great for the company.
Location: Rexburg Office
Desired Start Date: March 25th                        
Requirements: Well rehearsed in sales with the ability to capitalize on up selling opportunities. Experience in sales.
Duration: 3-12 months
Hours: 15+ A WEEK
Posted: 3/31/15

Job Position: Customer Solutions Specialist
Contact: Blake Rossell               
Email resumes to: blake@frozendessertsupplies.com
Location: 237 N 2nd East, Suite 100 Rexburg, Idaho 83440
Type of Job: Part Time
Description: Pay: Starting $8.00
Hours: Flexible Shift Schedules
Responsibilities: Answering calls, emails, chats in relation to issues, orders, out of stock items etc. In charge of customer reactivations and customer order follow up.
Company Statement: If you are looking for an exciting role in a fast growing company, with opportunities to strengthen you skill set then this is the place for you. This isn't an office where you sit in a cubicle and answer calls all day. But a place to have fun, work hard, and earn rewards. Send your applications to blake@frozendessertsupplies.com as well as tell us why you'd be great for the company
Requested Document Notes: Write a few sentences telling us why you'd be great for the company.
Location: Rexburg Office
Pay:Starting 8.00/hr
Desired Start Date: March 25th
Requirements: Must be able to solve customer issues with patience and respect. Must have a positive and happy demeanor. All Majors, GPA of 2.0 or above Hours: 15+ A WEEK

Job Position: Graphic Designer
Contact: Blake Rossell
Email resumes to: blake@frozendessertsupplies.com
Location: 237 N 2nd East, Suite 100 Rexburg, Idaho 83440
Type of Job: Part Time
Description: Pay: Starting $8.25 Hours: Flexible Shift Schedules
Responsibilities: Designing templates for customized product with client logo and artwork, you would also be in charge of creating social media content, and artwork for automated emails.
Company Statement: If you are looking for an exciting role in a fast growing company, with opportunities to strengthen you skill set then this is the place for you. This isn't an office where you sit in a cubicle and answer calls all day. But a place to have fun, work hard, and earn rewards. Send your applications to blake@frozendessertsupplies.com as well as tell us why you'd be great for the company.
Requested Document Notes: Write a few sentences telling us why you'd be great for the company.
Location: Rexburg Office
Pay: Yes; Starting 8.25/hr
Desired Start Date: March 25th
Requirements: Requirements: Have a detailed understanding of the Adobe Suites software, as well as principles of graphic design and typography. Must have own computer with Adobe software available. Hours: 15+ A WEEK All Majors, GPA of 2.0 or above

Contact Name: Kristina Otinel 
Contact Phone: 496-4298 
Address, City, State: Rexburg, Idaho 
Email Address: otinelk@byui.edu 
Job Title: Nanny 
Job Description: Looking for a female nanny to watch my son (age 7) and daughter (age 5) while I am at work during Spring Semester. Will need to be able to drive my son to and from school at Adams and take my daughter to pre-school 3 days a week and to ballet once a week. Will need to make lunch for the children and an afternoon snack. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Clean driving record, previous experience with children, recommendations available upon request. 
Start Date: April 20, 2015 
Duration / End Date: July 23, 2015 
Hours: 8am-5pm 
Pay / Wage: April 2 weeks -$200, May (4 weeks - son in school all day & daughter in pre-school 3 days a week) $400, June (full-time) $600, July (3 weeks) $450 
How to Apply: Send cover letter and resume to otinelk@byui.edu 
Application Deadline: April 3, 2015 
Other / Comments: Memorial day, 4th of July and any day I take off will still be included in the montly rate. I'm expecting my husband who is in the army to be on leave for two weeks in May but will still pay you the full monthly rate even though you will NOT be sitting during those two weeks. (Dates still to be determined)
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Jeremy Wilcox 
Company: Green Velvet Turf 
Contact Phone: 2087095031 
Address, City, State: 3825 s. 7000 w. Rexburg ID 83440 
Email Address: greenvelvetturf@gmail.com 
Job Title: Landscaping and Farming 
Job Description: Duties include harvesting and installing sod, sprinkler system installation, hydroseeding, mowing, irrigating, and general landscaping. Other opportunities may be available on our alfalfa, barley, and cattle operation. A background in agriculture or landscaping is required. Transportation is also required. Full time and Part time positions available. Located about 10 minutes from campus. Flexible hours. Pay depends on experience. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Landscaping or Farming Background     Transportation is required 
Start Date: ASAP 
Duration / End Date: 9 months 
Hours: 30-60 hrs/week 
Pay / Wage: TBD 
How to Apply: Email greenvelvetturf@gmail.com 
Application Deadline: March 30, 2015
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Camille
Company Name (If applicable):  ProClean Services
Contact Phone: 208-356-3210
Email Address: manager@procleanrexburg.com
Job Title: Residential Cleaning during the semester break
Job Description: Cleaning vacant apartment complexes in a group environment.  Supplies will be provided.
Job Location: Various apartment complexes throughout Rexburg - close to campus.
Duration: April 13-17
Hours: 8am - 5pm
Pay/Wage: $8.50/hr
How to apply (preferred form of contact): Online at our website:  http://www.procleanrexburg.com/work-for-us.html
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Shantell Andersen 
Contact Phone: 801-362-1179 
Address, City, State: 1170 Lusk Loop, Arbon, ID 
Email Address: shantellandersen@gmail.com 
Job Title: Nanny 
Job Description: Assist in taking care of four children; ages 4, 2, 1, and newborn. Cleaning, laundry and other household tasks. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Honest, good with children, 
Start Date: open 
Duration / End Date: open 
Hours: Monday - Friday 9 am - 3 pm 
Pay / Wage: $18 
How to Apply: Phone: 801-362-1179 
Application Deadline: open 
Other / Comments: I am a stay-at-home mom with 4 young children. I am looking for someone to help me with the day-to-day tasks of running a home. We live in a small farming community outside of Pocatello. We are also offering a 3 bedroom cottage for our nanny to live in while working for us.
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Bion Jones 
Company: Atlanta Area Council 
Contact Phone: 770-956-3175' 
Address, City, State: 1800 Circle 75 Parkway, SE Atlanta, GA 30339 
Email Address: bion.jones@scouting.org 
Job Title: COPE/Climbing Instructor 
Job Description: Be a COPE/Climbing instructor for Woodruff Scout Camp this summer, located near Blairsville, Georgia, up in the mountains. Room and board is included on top of weekly salary. The camp may reimburse prior-approved travel expenses. Work with youth and help them learn about the 8 methods of the BSA COPE program, belaying, climbing, and rappelling. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Demonstrates correct helmet/harness adjustment on participant.     * Follows established program procedures for cleaning, maintenance, and storage of cordage and equipment.     * Understands established program procedures for inspecting element structures, equipment and cordage and can determine whether it is in appropriate condition for program use.     * Consistently models established program procedures for inspecting element structures, equipment and cordage.     * Able to deliver program introduction, safety orientation, informed consent and challenge by choice as specified in program training materials without significant guidance.     * Demonstrates knowledge of introduction process and materials specified in program training materials.     * Maintains focus on program goals and requirements.     * Demonstrates adequate awareness of safety requirements and possibilities for participant participation in activities.     * Familiar with activities and initiative games specified in the program training materials. Able to learn new activities and games with guidance.     * Able to teach and manage spotting techniques according to program specified procedures with minimal guidance.     * Consistently manages activities to provide appropriate spotting whenever required.     * Able to set up, and operate activities according to program specified procedures with minimal guidance.     * Some sensitivity to physical and emotional issues with harness use and appropriate attention to them.     * Knots are basically tied correctly but are not of perfect form, e.g. the dressing or tie off knot is not performed properly. The prototype is resembled but is not identical.     * Able to tie knots as specified in the program training materials and matches the appropriate knot to the needed function.     * Understands the advantages and disadvantages of friction devices used in the program. Some understanding of how to match a variety of friction devices to various situations     * Models and teaches correct movement and placement of both hands while belay.     * Applies smooth and consistent attention to belayer's hand position and technique, and intervenes when necessary, with the brake end of the rope remaing in the belayer's control.     * Uses the communication system with occasional reminders concerning correct sequence of commands or the appropriate word at the appropriate time. 
Start Date: May 30, 2015 
Duration / End Date: Aug 01, 2015 
Hours: 40 hours/week 
Pay / Wage: 300/week plus room and board 
How to Apply: 1. Contact Bion Jones, Director of Camping Services, and give a "Me in 30 seconds" overview of prior experience (contact LDS employment center if help is desired to create this).     770-956-3175 (o)     404-202-4614 (c)     Bion.Jones@scouting.org     2. Fill out Woodruff Staff Application from http://www.atlantabsa.org/document/staff-application/142876?_ga=1.142983797.1966604005.1425495884     3. Mail application to:     Atlanta Area Council, Boy Scouts of America     1800 Circle 75 Parkway, SE     Atlanta, GA 30339     Attention: WSR Summer Camp Staff     or scan/email as attachment to Bion. 
Application Deadline: The longer you take, the more likely it is that someone will have been found to fill the spot 
Other / Comments: This was posted by Bart Humphries, the COPE/Climbing Director this summer at Woodruff. My contact information is:     bart.humphries@gmail.com     (909)529-BART(2278) -- no picture texts or MMS, only regular text or SMS 
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Shawn Jones 
Company: Montana Weed Control 
Contact Phone: 4066602008 
Address, City, State: Arabian Lane Dillion MT 
Email Address: bjbbaty@gmail.com 
Job Title: Outdoor Laborer 
Job Description: Help Wanted. Summer Employment between Island Park and Ennis Montana. Need someone from May 15th to Sept 1st to help spray Noxious Weeds. Requires physical labor living away from home 40 hrs / wk. $12 / hr starting plus a place to live and meals provided. Only 2 hours from Rexburg ID 
Requirements / Qualifications: Willingness to work, and be coached. 
Start Date: May 15, 2015 
Duration / End Date: September 1, 2015 
Hours: 40/week 
Pay / Wage: 12/hr 
How to Apply: Call shawn jones @ 406.660.2008 
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Lauren Reyes 
Company: Survey Sampling International 
Contact Phone: 801-379-4015 
Address, City, State: 160 West 2nd St South Basement Suite Rexburg Idaho 83440 
Email Address: lauren.reyes@surveysampling.com 
Job Title: Telephone Interviewers 
Job Description: A Telephone Interviewer is responsible for collecting valuable data for our clients. This is accomplished contacting respondent by phone, reading pre-written scripts and accurately typing the information into our online system. The goal of the Telephone Interviewer is to complete surveys with respondents at a rate which meets or exceeds the production estimate, while maintaining quality, accuracy, detail and a high level of respondent satisfaction.     
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES     These include the following. Other duties may be assigned.     1. Deliver prepared scripts to persuade respondents to answer the designated survey. (30%)     2. Once they agree to participate, conduct survey with respondents following prepared script for assigned study. Based on answers, alter follow-up questions as outlined by the survey instructions. (30%)     3. Document respondent answers by accurately and efficiently typing into the system. (30%)     4. Perform other clerical and administrative duties as needed. (10%)          
REQUIRED SKILLS & QUALIFICATIONS     To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.     Education and Experience:     • High School Diploma or equivalent.     • Some work or volunteer experience preferred.     Specialized Skills     • Able to clearly and accurately read designated survey scripts.     • Able to listen and comprehend respondent answers and accurately and efficiently type answers into the Company's survey software platform. Typing speed of 30 wpm while maintaining accuracy is preferred.     • Able to concentrate in a fast paced environment with external distractions and noise from the call center floor.     • Able to sit and type for majority of shift.     • Able to work varying shifts including evenings and weekends.     • Able to respond calmly and effectively to upset respondents and escalate to Supervisor/Manager as needed.     Accountability - Proven results while managing changing priorities as well as maintaining direction and focus through proactive planning and organized approaches to work in order to meet deadlines and manage time effectively. Must demonstrate strong attention to detail and be conscientious, reliable, and punctual.     Client Focus - Demonstrates a strong customer orientation, builds partnerships, and work well across functions in order to service internal and external clients in a timely fashion.     Communication Skills - Adjusting accordingly to demonstrate sensitivity to cultural differences while maintaining highest level of abilities in all aspects of communication, written, oral, listening and expressing ideas.     Leadership Skills - Ability to model behavior and attributes expected by others.     Team Work - Ability to work effectively independently and harmoniously within a team while communicating a "can do" attitude and positive outlook. Willing to pitch in and do more than is required. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Must be able to type 35+ WPMMust be able to type 35+ WPM 
Start Date: ASAP 
Hours: 20 
Pay / Wage: $8.50/hr with bonus opportunities 
How to Apply: Please apply online at www.surveysampling.com/application 
Application Deadline: April 3, 2015
Posted: 3/31/15

Contact Name: Timothy E Pranger 
Company: Pacific Reef Resort 
Contact Phone: 801-636-3814 
Address, City, State: 9950 S 300 W Sandy, Utah 84070 United States 
Email Address: tim@financialtown.com 
Job Title: Summer Hospitality 
Job Description: Position: Front Desk/Housekeeping/Restaurant Cashier     
Property: Pacific Hotel & Chowder House     
Location: Gold Beach, Oregon on the Southern Oregon Coast  
Looking for new experiences, and want to spend time living on the beautiful Oregon Coast?          
Position Summary: Pacific Reef Resort is currently seeking 2-3 highly motivated and energetic students to be part of our Pacific Reef Team for the summer. Ideally you will have strong communication skills, and will be able to grow a greater understanding of Hotel Operation Skills (Front Office, Housekeeping, and Maintenance).          
Pacific Reef Brand: Believing that people want to be entertained, have fun and be comfortable when they stay at a hotel on pleasure or business, Gene Pranger has developed his vision for a Southern Oregon Coast themed hospitality product. Through the use of an incredible Beach Front setting, distinctive architecture, stylish interior and commissioned art we have created the number one Oceanfront lodging property on the Southern Oregon Coast. Guests are treated to a unique experience. Our commitment to service can never be sacrificed.          Gracious hospitality, dedication and teamwork of our employees, whom we fondly refer to as guest experience guides creates even more reasons for guest to return again and again. We seek the best of the best and look for enthusiastic professionals who are eager to deliver outstanding service to our guests.          
Essential Duties & Responsibilities          - Become excellent at all Front Desk Operations, including but not limited to:     o Check-in and check-out hotel guests in a confident, professional, and friendly manner.     o Anticipate guests needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests.     o Provide gracious and efficient telephone services.     o Review arrivals, and note special requests.     o Complete all items listed on shift checklist.     o Adhere to all cashiering procedures.     o Communicate service and amenities of the hotel to guests.     o Cross sell and recommend The Chowder House Restaurant.     o Ensuring Customer Satisfaction     - Gain full understanding and ability to complete Housekeeping Responsibilities:     o Complete all domestic work required, including bedding, and cleaning/replenishing the bathrooms.     o Check general condition of the room and notify the Head Housekeeper of any issues or damage.     o Responsible for the linen and equipment in use.     o Ensure all Pacific Reef brand standards and procedures are being utilized.     o High Attention to Detail.     o Team working     o Preparing rooms in the minimum length of time, while completing all of the necessary requirements.     o Discretion. Do not disturb guests.     - The Chowder House Restaurant responsibilities:     o Learn and understand all positions in the restaurant     o Make recommendations for customers and sell our #1 Clam Chowder     o Have good Cash Handling skills     o Must have good customer service skills     o Ensure Customer Satisfaction               Education & Experience:          Must have a High School degree or equivalent. Candidates must be highly motivated, exceptional customer service skills, and a positive disposition.               Salary and Accommodations: $1,600.00 Monthly Salary     - Room Provided     - Discounted meals at the Chowder House      
Requirements / Qualifications: Must have a High School degree or equivalent. Candidates must be highly motivated, exceptional customer service skills, and a positive disposition. 
Start Date: May 1, 2015 
Duration / End Date: 3.5 months 
Hours: 40 
Pay / Wage: 1,600.00 /Month 
How to Apply: Email. tim@financialtown.com 
Posted: 3/19/15

Contact Name: Graham Stafford 
Company: Private Family 
Address, City, State: 02107 SW Greenwood Rd., Portland, OR, 97219 
Email Address: gstafford@mubadala.ae 
Job Title: Summer Au Pair (live-in) 
Job Description: We are a family of 6 with 4 young children, ages 6, 4, 2 and 4 months. We are currently living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates but will be spending the summer in Portland, OR and Sun Valley, ID. We are looking for a live-in au pair for the months of July (in Portland) and August (in Sun Valley), to help with general child care and light housekeeping. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Experience with young children 
Start Date: July 1, 2015 
Duration / End Date: Aug 31, 2015 
Hours: 50 hrs per week 
Pay / Wage: full room and board + $100 per week 
How to Apply: email: gstafford@mubadala.ae 
Application Deadline: May 31, 2015 
Posted: 3/19/15

Company: Outpost Restaurant
Job Title: Food Servers 
Job Description: Take orders and serve food and beverages to patrons at tables in dining establishment.     Clean tables and restock supplies. Must be motivated and hardworking.     Seasonal summer restaurant, must be available to work from May 1st to October 1st     Shifts vary between 6:30 a.m. 10 p.m. (40 hours per week)     Wages are 8.05 per hour plus tips.     Housing is available. 
Number of openings: 4 
Please select the position type: Full-time 
Application Instructions:Email 
Application Deadline: 05/15/2015 
Job Location: West Yellowstone, Montana 
How to Apply: Email Debbie Anderson at aa358643@gmail.com
Posted: 3/18/15

Contact Name: Candice 
Company: Kokopelli Lodgings 
Contact Phone: 435-259-7615 
Address, City, State: 72 South 100 East, Moab, Utah 
Email Address: info@kokopellilodge.com 
Job Title: Housekeeper 
Job Description: Cleaning rooms to meet guest and company standards. Working efficiently and in a timely manner. Willing and driven to do their best. Great working as a team 
Requirements / Qualifications: Happy spirited person 
Start Date: Now 
Duration / End Date: End of November 
Hours: 20-25 
Pay / Wage: 10.00 
How to Apply: Email us your resume

Contact Name: Kelly Salmond 
Company: Woodside Bakery 
Contact Phone: 801-791-5565 
Address, City, State: 17 Madison Ave. West Yellowstone, MT 59758 
Email Address: jobs@woodsidebakery.net 
Job Title: Kitchen and Sales Counter help 
Job Description: Looking for happy energetic applicants to work in a fun busy bakery / deli located in beautiful West Yellowstone Montana. Our bakery is open Monday through Saturday beginning around May 23rd through September 30th. We realize that not all applicants will be available that entire period. Successful applicants will work a 40 hour week with occasional overtime possibility. Work areas include sales counter operation, directly interfacing with our precious customers. General baking of brownies, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, lemon bars, cookies, bagels, croissants, donuts, bread, and many other items. Grill operation making breakfast sandwiches on bagels and croissants. Building deli sandwiches to order. Work area & kitchen cleanup, dish, pot, and pan washing, keeping dining area clean. We have a reputation of having friendly energetic staff, which our customers greatly appreciate. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Sales counter staff must be able to operate "Touch Screen" cash register, process credit cards, accept cash payments and make correct change, be happy charismatic and work swiftly and accurately. Kitchen staff must be able to follow recipes precisely, and take direction in order to complete items in a manner to meet our high standards every time. Kitchen staff will be required to sign a "Non Disclosure Agreement" in regards to recipes and practices.          ServSafe Certificate helpful but not required. 
Start Date: Around May 23rd 
Duration / End Date: September 30th 2015 
Hours: Variable, somewhat flexible. Opening staff generally start at 6am. Cleanup staff start around 10am. 8 hours/day 
Pay / Wage: Starting at $9/hour. Higher for staff showing aptitude and or expertise, certification. One meal provided for each day worked. 
How to Apply: Contact us at jobs@woodsidebakery.net or call Kelly at 801-628-5223 
Posted: 3/18/15

Contact Name: Marla Cluff 
Company: Spruce It Up Landscaping 
Contact Phone: 208.313.1830 
Address, City, State: 110 S. 12th W., Rexburg, ID 
Email Address: siulandscaping@gmail.com 
Job Title: Sprinkler Technician 
Job Description: Established landscaping business is looking for an experienced sprinkler tech to help with sprinkler installation and troubleshooting. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Prefer at least 2 years experience; back flow certification would be helpful. 
Start Date: March or April 
Duration / End Date: Throughout spring/summer/fall. 
Hours: Variable 
Pay / Wage: DOE 
How to Apply: 1. Email resume to siulandscaping@gmail.com.     
2. Bring your resume to the office at 110 S. 12th West, Rexburg.     
3. Call to make an appointment 208.313.1830     
Posted: 3/18/15

Contact Name: Bryant Jacobson 
Company: Jacobson Concrete 
Contact Phone: (208) 521 7451 
Location: Rigby, Idaho 
Email Address: jbryantjake7@gmail.com 
Job Title: Concrete Construction 
Job Description: Need help setting up concrete forms, pouring, and taking down forms. We do construction for agricultural, commercial, and residential buildings. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Need to have own tools (hammer, tape measure, and such) job can be physically demanding at times. 
Start Date: ASAP 
Duration / End Date: Summer Job 
Hours: 40 to 50 hours/ week 
Pay / Wage: $10/hour 
How to Apply: Call Bryant Jacobson 
Other / Comments: Need people as soon as possible.
Posted: 3/18/15

Contact Name: Michael Wilson 
Company: Drift Lodge & Fly Shop 
Contact Phone: 208-558-0152 
Address, City, State: 4771 N Hwy 20, Island Park, Idaho 
Email Address: driftlodge@gmail.com 
Job Title: Shop Clerk, House Keeping, Yard Maintenance 
Job Description: Several Positions available which include the duties of Housekeeping, Fly Shop Clerk and Yard Maintenance. Housing included. Ideal for couple looking to spend the summer up in the Mountains near Yellowstone National Park. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Will Train 
Start Date: May 15th 
Duration / End Date: Aug 31 or longer 
Hours: 9-3 
Pay / Wage: 10.00 plus bonus at end of season 
How to Apply: Please call Mike at 208-558-0152 to set up an Interview. 
Application Deadline: Until filled 
Other / Comments: Family owned Lodge with Fly Shop and Cabins on the north end of Island Park, Idaho.

Contact Name: Nicole Dinsbach    
Contact Phone: 714-624-2989 
Address, City, State: Huntington Beach, CA 
Email Address: Nicoledinsbach@gmail.com 
Job Title: Babysitter 
Job Description: Looking for someone to watch my two 3 year old boys twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursday's from 9-4. $10/hr. Preferred start date April 15, 2015. 
Requirements / Qualifications: CPR preferred but not required     Previous experience watching with young children preferred 
Start Date: April 15, 2015 
Duration / End Date: Negotiable 
Hours: Roughly 12-16 hrs per week 
Pay / Wage: $10/hr 
How to Apply: Call or text me at 714-624-2989     Email Nicoledinsbach@gmail.com  
Posted: 3/18/15

Contact Name: Curtis Browning 
Company: Fin Fun 
Contact Phone: (208) 360-7923 
Address, City, State: 352 W Sunnyside, Idaho Falls, ID 
Email Address: curtis@finfun.com 
Job Title: Part Time Customer Care Temp Rep 
Job Description: Our eCommerce company is growing rapidly and we are looking for seasonal customer care representatives to assist our customers over the phone and through email communication in returns processing, taking new orders, and customer management during our busy season. Our office is a very friendly and clean environment and we are looking for good people that fit our culture.      
Requirements / Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have more than 1 year of experience interacting with and resolving customer issues. This job requires familiarity with the use of computer software for data entry and for recording customer communications. In addition, the candidate must have a positive attitude, patience, be personable and have the desire to be an important part of a growing company. A plus would include any experience in sewing and be able to articulate clear answers around product questions (apparel) for customers. The candidate must be able to find answers to questions and problem orders. The candidate must be detail oriented, articulate in communication and have the ability to work 20 hours per week on a flexible work schedule from our Idaho Falls office starting May 4th- August 14th.          • High school diploma, general education degree or equivalent     • Knowledge of customer service principles and practices     • Knowledge of relevant computer applications     • Ability to type, use a phone and general internet skills     • Knowledge of administrative procedures & policies     • Excellent verbal and written communication skills     • Product knowledge     • Sewing experience a plus!      
Start Date: May 4, 2015 
Duration / End Date: Aug. 14, 2015 
Hours: 20 hrs per week (possibly up to 29 hrs per week) 
Pay / Wage: $10.00 hr 
How to Apply: Email your resume to curtis@finfun.com 
Application Deadline: April 15, 2015 
Other / Comments: Visit our website www.finfunmermaid.com
Posted: 3/18/15

Contact Name: Candice 
Company: Kokopelli Lodge 
Contact Phone: 435-259-7615 
Address, City, State: 72 South 100 East 
Email Address: info@kokopellilodge.com 
Job Title: Housekeeper 
Job Description: Come join us here in beautiful Moab Utah. Looking for someone will to put in some time in the morning to work, and have the rest of the day off to do as you please. 
Requirements / Qualifications: Must be available all days of the week.          Hours vary, but are usually 10AM-2PM 
Duration / End Date: ANY 
Hours: 20-30 
Pay / Wage: $10.00 
How to Apply: Email us a resume 
Posted: 3/18/15

Job Description: Zylun Insights is a premier consumer insights corporation with the mission of bringing clarity to the most pressing business problems organizations face. Our fast-paced and engaging environment provides our employees with a competitive wage, meaningful work, skills development, and is a perfect complement for individuals looking to pair their educational pursuits with real-world business exposure. Our Rexburg office is expanding. Advancement opportunities exist for those with sound character and the ability to lead others by example and manage processes effectively. We maintain a respectful, clean and comfortable office environment, work hard and believe in having a great time. We provide flexible scheduling to help our employees balance their busy lives. Administer surveys by telephone to our clients' customers, business professionals and the general public across the nation. ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING, EVER.
Requirements / Qualifications: Must be 17+, ability to read and speak English well, key 30 wpm, be curious and professionally represent the companies with whom we work. (Having a good sense of humor is a plus, but not an absolute requirement.)
Hours: 12-30 hours/wk with flexible scheduling
Pay / Wage: $8.50/hr base wage with achievable incentives up to $10.50/hr
Please apply by sending a resume to  jobs@zyluninsights.com 
Post up until: 5/1/15
Posted: 3/18/15

Part time job available:  Light home-repairs, house cleaning & landscaping in Rexburg.  Flexible hours, generally 2-4 hours per day,  for male students.  Please call for additional information.    Please call Bill Moss at 356-7776
Posted: 3/18/15