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Major Events

2nd Annual Power to Become (P2B) Conference
June 19, schedule to come
P2B encourages students, alumni and guests to discover their passion, tell their story and to network effectively. P2B is not a traditional professional development conference-it's an experience. P2B has an upbeat, engaging learning environment. Come be inspired by top industry professionals as they share valuable principles you can apply in your life to help you discover your passion, tell your personal story and land your dream job by networking effectively. Register for the P2B Conference here.

Become Legendary Challenge
The ADC and Alumni Office are currently hosting the Become Legendary Challenge. To get a Become Legendary Challenge card, and learn more about the requirements to be legendary (and get a free and fabulous Become Legendary shirt) visit an ADC near you. Also, there will be a drawing for a mini iPad at the end of the semester for those who complete the challenge.

Campus Visits

PCL Construction
May 28, 3:30-5:30 pm, TBD | Interviews
May 28, 6 pm, AUS 105 | Info Session
Start your career with immediate responsibility, challenge, and an opportunity for career advancement at PCL. Through PCL's extensive professional development programs, leadership training, and student scholarship programs, success is at your fingertips. PCL will be on campus recruiting for a Field Engineer Internship position. This is an excellent opportunity for Construction Management majors. Apply for the internship on Career Navigator.

June 10, 5 pm, AUS 210 | Info Session
Stukent develops leading edge internet marketing courseware in the cloud through real-world simulations, digital textbooks, and expert mentoring sessions from proven industry professionals and much more. They will be on campus to recruit CIT and Computer Science majors. Apply on Career Navigator for their "Front End Developer" position.

Concordia University
June 16, 7 pm, MC 176D | Info Session
Concordia University is a private, non-profit Christian liberal arts university open to students of any faith. Located in Portland, Oregon, Concordia University is committed to the dual purpose of preparing students for life and for a living. They will be on campus to talk to Political Science Majors about grad work. All students interested in pursing graduate degrees relevant to Political Science are invited to attend.

Internship Service Missionaries
June 18, 2-5 pm, location TBD | Interviews
June 19, 1-3 pm, location TBD | Interviews
The Internship Service Missionaries from each of the HUB cities will be on campus conducting informational interviews with students. These are great networking opportunities for the students who wish to connect with the missionaries, have a practice interview and share their desires for future internship and job opportunities. Students sign up for an interview time on Career Navigator (search the job description for "missionaries"). All majors are encouraged to participate.

Virtual Visits


Interviewing and Accepting the Job Offer
May 27, 12:45 pm, MC 127C
May 28, 5:30 pm, MC 127C
May 31, 9am, MC 127C
Fifth in the Career Workshop Series, this workshop teaches strategies for interviewing and negotiating a job offer.

MCAT/DAT/OAT Study Techniques
May 27, 2 pm, BEN 124
May 28, 1 pm, BEN 124
Don't know how to study for the MCAT, DAT, or OAT or what resources are available. This workshop will discuss some techniques for studying and resources available. 

Other Events  

Ag Days
June 18, all day, Field north of the Auxiliary Services Building Ag Days is a fun event put on by the College of Ag and Life Sciences. There will be roping, wagon rides, yummy food and good music. In addition, there will be several companies on campus, and so will be a great networking opportunity. Come join the fun for a few minutes or a few hours.

Upcoming Expeditions

Salt Lake City, Communication
June 22-24; Apply on Career Navigator
Hosted by the College of Business and Communications.

Northern California, Construction Management
June 23-26
Hosted by the College of Physical Science and Engineering.

Bentonville Walmart Expedition
October 7-10; apply by 17 July
Hosted by the College of Business and Communications