Upcoming Events

Major Events

The ADC and Alumni Office are currently hosting the Become Legendary Challenge. To get a Become Legendary Challenge card, and learn more about the requirements to be legendary (and get a free and fabulous Become Legendary shirt) visit an ADC near you. Also, there will be a drawing for a mini iPad for those that complete the requirements before 15 December.

Campus Visits

Virtual Visits


Writing Resumes, Cover Letter, & Other Professional Documents
November 22, 9am, MC 127C
Third in the Career Workshop Series, this workshop gives tips for writing stellar professional documents.

Networking and Other Job Search Strategies
November 25, 12:45 pm, MC 127C
November 26, 5:30 pm, MC 127C
Fourth in the Career Workshop Series, this workshop teaches the value of networking and active job searching. 

Health Professions Workshops: Letters of Evaluation
November 19, 2 pm, AUS 156
November 20, 1 pm, AUS 151
Come discover how to ask for letters of evaluation, what the guidelines are, what makes a great letter of evaluation, and how to submit them to schools.      

Upcoming Expeditions

Burbank, Art
November 20-24
Hosted by the College of Performing and Visual Arts.

Provo, Chemistry
November 25
Hosted by the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

Salt Lake City, Economics
December 3-4
Hosted by the College of Business and Communications. 

Orlando, Baseball Meeting PBEO
December 7-11
Hosted by the College of Business and Communications.