Expeditions are trips organized by university departments designed to assist students in finding an internship or career in various cities across the country. They are intended to provide students an opportunity to network and meet with contacts from companies in that city. When possible students will also visit a local ward and be introduced to members of the church. As the expeditions use a considerable amount of university funding the expectation is that at least 30% of the students attending will receive a job or internship offer.

Students are expected to pay 40% of the total cost. This generally falls between $200-$500. This amount will be charged to your student account upon acceptance. All other incidentals including meals and entertainment will be the student's responsibility. If you withdraw after plane tickets are purchased, you will be charged the full price of the ticket.

To learn about specific expeditions log on to career navigator. Also to apply for an expedition, submit a resume and cover letter through Career Navigator.