The following are the graduate schools that attended the Winter 2018 Career Fair at BYU-Idaho:
Updated on 03/13/18

Boise State University Graduate College

About: Boise State is the home of internationally recognized scholars and research activities, award-
winning faculty, championship athletic teams, and a student body that is growing in number, diversity, and international scope.
Boise State is located within the largest metropolitan area of Idaho and attracts more than one million people annually to its cultural, entertainment, and sporting events. The campus, bordered by the Boise River greenbelt, is beautifully maintained and provides a relaxed environment. The Graduate College at Boise State University provides institutional oversight for over 75 distinct graduate curricula leading to master's and doctoral degrees.
Cost of Tuition: $8,924 per year in-state tuition. $24,240 per year out-of-state tuition
Average time to Graduate: It depends on the program
Booth(s): K-3, K-4

Brigham Young University

About: The School of Communications offers a broad-based master?s program designed to promote critical thinking and research with a particular focus on the interaction between media and society.
The program of study prepares students with the theoretical background, methodological expertise, and critical thinking skills needed both for continued studies at the doctoral level and informed professional practice. It emphasizes communications theory and quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Specialized topical areas include literature of journalism, communication history, media and religion, international media and communication, communication ethics and law, persuasion, public relations and leadership, and media effects. One graduate degree is offered through the School of Communications: Mass Communications?MA. A minor in mass communications is also offered.
Approximately fifteen students are admitted to the master?s program each fall semester. The anticipated time spent in completing requirements for the master?s degree is two years.
Cost of Tuition: $6888/LDS
Average time to Graduate: 2 years
Industry Job Outlook: Good
Booth(s): N-9

Brigham Young University 

About: Our graduate programs offer both secular and spiritual development in a unique learning environment located beneath the majestic Wasatch Mountains in Provo, Utah.
We offer world class instruction from faculty mentors who genuinely care about both your professional and personal development as they challenge and expand your academic intellect using cutting edge pedagogical practices and technologies. Share your unique perspectives and engage in diverse dialogue with our faculty, university administration, and our student population who are represented from all across the nation and from all over the globe from more than 100 countries.
Cost of Tuition: $7,080
Average time to Graduate: 5
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Booth(s): N-15

Brigham Young University Physics and Astronomy Department

About: Physics and Astronomy Graduate Program at Brigham Young University.
Brigham Young University was founded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1875. With 34,000 students, BYU is the largest religious university and the fourth-largest private university in the United States.
The department of Physics and Astronomy consists of 35 graduate students, 325 undergraduate students and 33 faculty members. We offer both Masters and Doctorate degrees in research areas such as acoustics; astronomy; atomic, molecular, and optical; condensed matter; plasma; and theoretical and mathematical.
Cost of Tuition: $3,440 a semester for LDS students ($6,880 a semester for non-LDS students)
Average time to Graduate: 3 years for MS and 5 years for PhD
Placement Rate: 

Butler Professional Farrier School

About: Butler Professional Farrier School is a trade school that offers classes on horseshoeing. Successful completion of this course will afford the candidate an opportunity to work as his or her own boss in a career field that is rapidly growing. If you love horses and would like the independence of owning your own business, come to Butler Professional Farrier School!
Cost of Tuition: $4950/6 weeks; $8900/12 weeks
Average time to Graduate: 12 weeks
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Booth(s): N-1

BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School

About: Founded in 1971, BYU Law School receives support from and is affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our students learn in an intellectually and spiritually invigorating community where they look forward to using their legal skills in service throughout the world. The development of moral character and enlightened devotion to the rule of law are hallmarks of a BYU Law School education.
Cost of Tuition: LDS: $12,680/year Non-LDS $25,360/year
Average time to Graduate: 3 years
Placement Rate: 90.30%
Booth(s): N-7

BYU Master of Business Administration

About: As a top-tier business school, BYU Marriott MBA students have excellent academic track records including exceptional GPAs and GMAT scores. What is not measured in these scores, however, are the life and work experiences our students bring with them. They have prior work and service experience, and know what it takes to achieve success in work and life. Ethics, community, and a sense of personal responsibility run deep in our students. As a BYU Marriott MBA student, you will not only collaborate and learn from these stellar individuals, but also contribute and mentor others in the MBA community.
Cost of Tuition: $12,600
Average time to Graduate: 2 years
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: 90%

BYU-David O. McKay School of Education

About: In the David O. McKay School of Education, we strive to model the attributes of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, as we prepare professionals who educate with an eternal perspective. What we must provide to accomplish our purpose for every student: civic preparation and engagement, learning through nurturing pedagogy, access to academic knowledge and achievements, stewardship in school and community, simultaneous renewal of teacher education and schooling. We offer graduate degrees in Communication Disorders(Speech Language Pathology), Teacher Education, Special Education, School Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Educational Leadership, Instructional Psychology & Technology, and Educational Inquiry & Measurement.
Cost of Tuition: $ 6,880 (2 semesters)
Average time to Graduate: 2-3 Years
Industry Job Outlook: Strong outlook for careers in education
Placement Rate: Good

Concordia Law School

About: Concordia University School of Law is a private, non-profit, ABA Provisionally Approved law school which opened in August 2012 in Boise in the U.S. state of Idaho. Announced in 2007, the school originally planned to open in fall 2011. The first class had 75 students and the school expects to grow to 250 students when fully operational. The law school is the second in Idaho, and the first in Boise. The school is part of Concordia University, a private Lutheran school based in Portland, Oregon.
Cost of Tuition: $29,250
Average time to Graduate: 3 years
Industry Job Outlook: Good
Placement Rate: 84.20%

Gonzaga University Graduate School of Business

About: Gonzaga University's Graduate School of Business is a dynamic and challenging place to study and to develop, both as a business professional and as an intellectual individual. We are committed to creating leaders who possess solid analytical, critical thinking, communication and team-building skills, along with a strong sense of social justice.
Cost of Tuition: $30,000-$32,000
Average time to Graduate: 1-3 years
Industry Job Outlook: 10% Job Growth Projections
Placement Rate: 90%+

Idaho State Occupational Therapy Program

About: DPT - Program Mission: To provide education for PT generalists. Provide hands-on clinical experience. To provide a curriculum that includes interdisciplinary collaboration. Curriculum: 8 semesters of coursework and internships. Multi-system management design, Program completion with oral defense and comprehensive exam., DPT program is accredited by CAPTE. Program facts: Cohort of 28 students admitted each year, 97% pass rate for first time test takers of National Board Exam, 100% employment following graduation, the DPT is the highest degree in PT, Professor to student ratio is 1:14 for classes and lab and 1:4 for clinical experiences. Unique Features: Clinical experience starting in the first year of the program, Interdisciplinary education with occupational therapy, speech therapy and audiology. Exposure to multiple areas of PT practice through clinical internships, Student Physical Therapy Association. MOT Program Mission: To provide a thorough education for entry-level occupational therapists, To provide hands-on clinical experiences, to provide a curriculum that includes interdisciplinary collaboration. Curriculum: Sis semester of graduate course work, four clinical fieldwork experiences, program completion with oral exam and capstone project, MOT program is accredited by ACOTE. Program Facts: Cohort of 14 students admitted each year, 100% pass rate on the Nation Exam, 100% employment following graduation, Professor to student ratio of 1:8 for classes and lectures, and 1:1 for clinical experiences. Unique Features: Small class sizes, strong emphasis in human sciences, such as gross anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and kinesiology, Multidisciplinary training with PT, audiology, speech language pathology, special education and psychology, World-renown medical institution request our students for clinical rotations, Hands-on participation in innovative research.
Cost of Tuition: It varies - please go to
Average time to Graduate: 3 years
Industry Job Outlook: Both PT and OT have a great job outlook.
Placement Rate: 100%

Idaho State University

About: The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Idaho State University offers a B.S. program in Mechanical Engineering and two Masters' programs, in Mechanical Engineering and in Measurement and Control Engineering, as well as being part of the Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science program. Our Department provides students with a well rounded engineering education. Graduates are well prepared for exciting careers in various industries, such as aerospace, energy systems, defense, design and R&D.
Cost of Tuition: $4464 per semester
Average time to Graduate: MS: 2-3 years; PhD: 4-5 years
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Booth(s): L-8

Idaho State University

About: The master's degree program in Mechanical Engineering is designed to provide advanced study, (analytically, computationally, and experimentally) in thermodynamics, fluids, heat transfer, energy systems, vibrations, engineering mechanics, and their associated measurement systems. This program prepares the student for advanced placement in the mechanical engineering field in industry, research, or development areas. Additionally, this program provides a suitable base for entrance into a Ph.D. program in a field related to Mechanical Engineering. The program is offered both at the Pocatello and Idaho Falls campuses, primarily through the use of telecommunications/distance learning, which includes partial in-class instruction. There are four different tracks for the MS in ME degree: Biomechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Thermal Fluids, and Mechanical Systems Design. A detailed course list can be found on the department website: In addition to the listed courses, 6 credits of thesis work are required. The Ph.D. program in Engineering and Applied Science is an interdisciplinary program administered by the College of Engineering. The program allows for a broad range of research topics. Research areas are Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Measurement and Control, Mechanical, and Nuclear Engineering), Geosciences, and Mathematics (Applied Mathematics and Computational Mathematics). Some of the research activities are focused in the following areas: Biomedical Engineering: activities are addressing issues that have direct impact to the daily live of persons with disability, illness, and hardship. Research is currently conducted in biomechanics, biomaterials, prosthetics, bio-signals, and controls. Aerospace Engineering: Aerospace related research is addressing issues ranging from attitude determination of satellites, vibration mitigation of space structures, guidance and control of various habited and inhabited vehicles, aerobraking, active flow control, to hybrid rockets. Structures Research: Investigation of issues in vibration and its mitigation in civil structures using smart materials and a synergy of intelligent and traditional control techniques. Thermal Research: Application of advanced measurement techniques to thermal/fluid problems such as the development of a novel liquid/interface sensor and a triple point thermal storage unit. Control issues are as well addressed for example for HVAC applications.
Cost of Tuition: 3,583 peer semester for Resident
Average time to Graduate: 2 years
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: 80%

Idaho State University Graduate School

About: The Graduate School at Idaho State University offers over 80 graduate and professional programs. Stop by our booth to learn more about our graduate programs and scholarship opportunities.
Cost of Tuition: $4,200
Placement Rate: Varies
Booth(s): M-8

Idaho State University Kasiska Division of Health Sciences

About: Idaho State University's Kasiska Division of Health Sciences provides leadership in the delivery of rural health care by educating caring and competent professionals across all dimensions of health and promoting interprofessional research and practice in the health sciences.
Programs represented are Physician Assistant Studies, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Dietetics, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Medical Laboratory Science, Counseling, and more!
Cost of Tuition: Resident: Various
Average time to Graduate: Various
Industry Job Outlook: High
Placement Rate: High
 K-6, K-7, K-8, K-9, K-10

Idaho State University, College of Business Graduate Programs

About: ISU College of Business offers 5 Graduate Programs: Master of Business Administration, Master of Accountancy, Master of Taxation, Master of Science in Health Informatics and beginning Fall 2018 we will offer the Master of Healthcare Administration.
Cost of Tuition: $4,464 per full time semester
Average time to Graduate: Some programs can be done in as little as one year.
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: 80%+
 L-6, L-7

Idaho State University/Nuclear Engineering

About: The mission of the Nuclear Engineering program at Idaho State is to produce nuclear engineers who will make significant contributions to the world nuclear enterprise. The specific focus of our mission is to prepare graduates to excel in a wide range of careers in nuclear engineering associated with nuclear reactors, the nuclear fuel cycle, and other applications of nuclear technology.
Cost of Tuition: $3,583.00 per semester
Average time to Graduate: 3 or more per semester
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: Excellent

Middlebury Institute of International Studies

About: The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey provides international professional education in areas of critical importance to a rapidly changing world, including international security, human rights and social change, language and culture, sustainable development, and global management. We prepare students from all over the world to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields through degree programs characterized by immersive and collaborative learning, and opportunities to acquire and apply practical professional skills. Our students are emerging leaders capable of bridging cultural, organizational, and language divides to produce sustainable, equitable solutions to a variety of global challenges.
Cost of Tuition: $39,590 per year
Average time to Graduate: 18 to 24 months
Industry Job Outlook: Professional careers see our website
Placement Rate: 97%

MMIS at Utah State University

About: With our innovative, project-based program, students address business problems through the use of technology. Join us to gain professional experience, graduate with a 5-star career outlook, and become well-versed in analyzing big data.
Cost of Tuition: $30,000
Average time to Graduate: One year
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: 90%+

Montana Tech Graduate School

About: Montana Tech is a great place to attend graduate school! As a future graduate student, consider our world-class degree programs to ignite your curiosity and move you ahead. We also offer you: Dedicated faculty researchers who enjoy mentoring graduate students; State-of-the-art equipment and high-tech facilities; Prominent research centers where you can further your study and gain recognition; Montana Tech Graduate School Program Outcomes are designed with your success in mind. 
Cost of Tuition: $3300-10,000
Average time to Graduate: 2 years
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: 95%

Northern Arizona University

About: The W.A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University offers a full time MBA and MBA-ACC.The College is fully accredited by AACSB-International. The MBA, MBA-ACC program at NAU is an intensive ten month program beginning in August each year and ending with graduation in May. The short duration allows you to enter the workforce quickly. Class size is small; you will know your professors well, and they will know you by name. The program is very affordable; over 90% of our students receive some type of assistance. Students without an undergraduate degree in business can complete the program in just twelve months. The program is available exclusively at the Flagstaff mountain campus. Please see the website for more information and application requirements.
Cost of Tuition: $18,753
Average time to Graduate: 10-12 months
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: 93%

Northwest Nazarene University

About: Northwest Nazarene University, a nonprofit comprehensive Christian university of the liberal arts, offers over 60 areas of study, master's degree programs in seven disciplines, accelerated degree programs, concurrent credit for high school students and a variety of continuing education credits. In addition to its 90 acre campus located in Nampa, Idaho, the University also offers programs in Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, and in cooperation with programs in 35 countries. Founded in 1913, the University now serves over 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students, more than 6,000 continuing education students and 2,300 high school students through the concurrent credit program. Our mission is to encourage a habit of mind that enables each student to become God's creative and redemptive agent in today's world. We believe that the education obtained from NNU prepares graduates to be global Christians through academic excellence, social responsiveness and creative engagement. NNU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and has been rated by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top masters-level universities in the West. In addition NNU is often featured in the Princeton Review's Book The Best Western Colleges.
Cost of Tuition: Varies
Average time to Graduate: 2 years
Placement Rate: 95%
Booth(s): N-5

Olympus Test Prep

About: Olympus Test Prep provides quality, online GRE and GMAT test preparation. Our instructor scored perfect on the GRE, perfect on the LSAT, and 790 out of 800 on the GMAT. With 17 years of test-taking expertise, we teach both the strategy behind the tests and the math and verbal skills needed to succeed.
Booth(s): N-6

Oregon State University MBA

About: Earn your MBA or MS as a part-time student in Portland, Bend or Corvallis, full-time in Corvallis, or fully online. Our Portland and Bend programs are taught using a hybrid model in which about 80 percent of the course material is online, and the remaining content is presented face-to-face in class. Our Corvallis program is in-person.
We bring together students and industry to find solutions to problems that companies face in managing or growing their businesses. Projects are defined by industry and solved by student teams with faculty and partner membership.
Choose from multiple tracks designed with feedback from alumni and industry partners and are a direct response to market needs, which translates into an MBA or MS that meets your needs and positions you well for your career. Tracks include Business Analytics, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Organizational Leadership, Innovation Management, Financial Planning, and Corporate Finance.
Cost of Tuition: Varies based on residency and program selected
Average time to Graduate: 9 months to 3 years
Industry Job Outlook: Strong
Placement Rate: 95%
Booth(s): L-5

Palmer College of Chiropractic

About: Palmer College of Chiropractic is the founding college of the chiropractic profession, and is known as the trusted leader in chiropractic education. It was founded in 1897, in Davenport, Iowa, by D.D. Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic. More than 2,200 students attend Palmer College campuses in Davenport, San Jose, Calif., and Port Orange, Fla. There are approximately 28,000 Palmer alumni, who comprise nearly half of the approximately 60,000 U.S. chiropractors. Palmer?s doctor of chiropractic curriculum is a five-academic-year program that?s typically completed in three-and-one-third calendar years.
Cost of Tuition: 11,519 per trimester
Average time to Graduate: 3 years 4 months
Industry Job Outlook: Predicted job growth is 17% compared to all job growth which is 6.5%. Number 1 is job satisfaction
Placement Rate: Palmer Career Network posts on average 2640 annually with an 88 % first year placement rate
Booth(s): K-2

Parker University 

About: Parker University is a Healthcare University located in Dallas Texas who has a Doctorate in Chiropractic, Masters in Mangement, OTA, RT. And DS degrees.
Cost of Tuition: Depends on degree
Average time to Graduate: 2, 3, and 4 yeares depending on degree
Industry Job Outlook: Healthcare is one of the best fields for job placement
Placement Rate: 95%+
Booth(s): N-3

Rexburg College of Message Therapy

About: The Rexburg College of Massage Therapy is a 625 hour program that allows students to graduate within 8 months and become Licensed Massage Therapists.
Cost of Tuition:
Average time to Graduate:
8 months
Industry Job Outlook: 
Message Therapist
Placement Rate: 

Stevens-Henager Collage

About: Stevens Henager College is partnering with Independence University to offer fully online Master's degrees and Bachelor of Nursing degrees.
Cost of Tuition: $29,160
Average time to Graduate: 15 months
Placement Rate: 53-100% depending on program
Booth(s): K-5

University of Idaho

About: Since 1889, the University of Idaho has provided motivated students with a transformative higher education experience that prepares them to solve real-world problems and achieve success in their lives and careers. Beginning with our beautiful residential campus in Moscow, the university?s reach extends throughout Idaho, serving over 12,000 students with educational centers in Coeur d'Alene, Boise and Idaho Falls, a research and extension center in Twin Falls, plus Extension offices in 42 counties. One of the nation?s land-grant research universities, U of I is a noted national leader in student-centered learning and interdisciplinary research that promotes public service. Our work serves businesses and communities, advancing the pursuit of diversity, citizenship and global outreach.
Cost of Tuition:
Average time to Graduate:
Industry Job Outlook:
Placement Rate:
Booth(s): M-11, N-10

University of Idaho College of Law

About: The University of Idaho College of Law has emerged as one of the best educational values in the nation, not just because it is cost-effective, but also because of its legacy of leading in the judiciary, the legal profession, business, and public service. The college?s success is built upon a steadfast belief that a law school should stand for serving the public and increasing access to justice.
Cost of Tuition: $19,748 Resident; $36,072 Non-resident
Average time to Graduate: 3 years
Industry Job Outlook: 67.2% Bar Passage Success
Placement Rate: Unknown at this time
Booth(s): N-4

University of Idaho Urban Design Center

About: Located in downtown Boise, the University of Idaho Urban Design Center works with communities throughout the state to meet the demands of a changing population while preserving the unique sense of place that defines the cities and towns we call home. Through applied research, professional practice and community engagement, our faculty and students work together across a range of scales to address issues of resilience and sustainability at the regional and urban scale. In support of UI's land grant mission to serve, we are proud to help shape the built, natural and cultural environments of communities throughout Idaho. You are welcome to reach out to me if you are interested in partnering on a community outreach project or would like more information about our graduate or certificate programs.
Cost of Tuition: $10,166
Average time to Graduate: 2 years
Industry Job Outlook: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Community Planning
Placement Rate: 100%
Booth(s): O-4

University of Idaho, College Education

About: The Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education at University of Idaho leads and delivers exceptional hands-on experience for students seeking their graduate degrees and/or certification in education. Currently there are two options for the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed. C&I). Option one is designed to (a) serve the professional educator through advanced study, and also to (b) serve those wishing to enter the teaching profession and who have an undergraduate degree in a teaching content area. Option two leads to recommendation to a secondary teaching certification following demonstration of mastery of a secondary school content area while obtaining a master's degree.
The Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education at University of Idaho also offers a Master of Education in Special Education (M.Ed. Sped). The special education master?s degree and certification-only program's primary emphasis is to provide educational opportunities for certified teachers to obtain a master?s degree in special education with the option of certification in special education. The University of Idaho has become a primary choice for students who wish to complete their degree and certification from a distance. All courses are offered using distance technologies and do not require that a student come to campus. The program has received national accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education now known as the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation and is a state-approved program in special education. To enter the special education program, an undergraduate degree in education or a similar field is required as well as meeting the university requirements for enrollment in the College of Graduate Studies. Students entering the certification options must already hold a teaching certificate.
Cost of Tuition: 9 to 20 hours $4,432
Average time to Graduate: Varies per degree program
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: Varies per degree program
Booth(s): M-12

University of Oregon-Lundquist College of Business Graduate Programs

About: We are a top business school with a unique mission and vision that draws strength from our links to the Pacific Rim and the distinctive qualities of Oregon culture: innovation, sustainability, active lifestyles, financial stewardship, and respect for individuality and diversity within an increasingly global community.
In Eugene, we offer an MBA, MS in Finance, and Master of Accounting graduate programs.
Cost of Tuition: Varies by program
Average time to Graduate: 1 year (MAcc & MSF)
Industry Job Outlook: CPA or Financial Analysts
Placement Rate: Nearly 100% for domestic students
Booth(s): N-2

University of Utah MBA Programs & Executive Education

About: MBA Programs.
Cost of Tuition: $59,000
Average time to Graduate: 2 years
Industry Job Outlook: Good
Placement Rate: Good
Booth(s): K-5

University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business Specialized Masters

About: Founded in 1917 on a rich tradition of business success and leadership, the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business offers an experiential learning environment for students.
We're home to seven institutes and centers that deliver academic research and support an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.
The University of Utah in Salt Lake City is nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, just 30 minutes from seven ski resorts and less than five hours from several national parks.
Salt Lake City is an urban hub of diverse nightlife, dining, art and music, and boasts a top-ranked business environment for U.S. job growth and economic prowess.
Cost of Tuition: ~$45,000/year
Average time to Graduate: 1-2 years
Industry Job Outlook: High
Placement Rate: 90%+
Booth(s): L-9, L-10

University of Western States

 Founded in 1904, University of Western States (UWS) is home to the second oldest chiropractic degree program in the world. In 2010, this regionally-accredited non-profit institution evolved into an integrated health sciences university, educating health professionals in the areas of integrative medicine, lifestyle counseling, exercise and sport science, sports medicine, nutrition and functional medicine, dietary guidance, health promotion, and sport and performance psychology. University of Western States has an enduring commitment to educating health care professionals with a passion for individualized care. This pursuit guides every aspect of the institution and positions UWS to fulfill its mission of improving the health of society through conservative, patient-centered care.
The university offers a Doctor of Chiropractic degree program; a master?s and residency program in Diagnostic Imaging; master?s programs in Exercise and Sport Science; Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine; and Sports Medicine; and master?s and doctoral programs in Sport and Performance Psychology. The university also provides health services in three Portland locations through the Health Centers of UWS clinic system.
Cost of Tuition: $14,000-$120,000
Average time to Graduate: 2-4 years
Industry Job Outlook: Rapidly growing
Placement Rate: Good

Utah College of Dental Hygiene

About: At Utah College of Dental Hygiene (UCDH), we specialize in educating the dental hygienists of the future. With a high graduation rate that currently is over 98% and a job placement rate over 95% for the class of 2016 and 100% for the class of 2015, you can enter into our program knowing we can work with you to ensure your success and prepare you for a career when you finish our program. The purpose of an education is to get the knowledge you need for the job you want to enter - including how to get employed in that field. UCDH won't toss you out the door with your degree and wish you luck. We pride ourselves in our statistically high rate of employment after graduation, and we want you to reap the benefits of our program. To learn about the application process and to see if we are a good fit for your future, call (801) 426-8234 today!
Cost of Tuition: $58,000
Average time to Graduate: 20 months
Industry Job Outlook: Consistent demand for Dental Hygienists
Placement Rate: Over 95%
Booth(s): L-3, L-4

Utah State University - MBA

About: Designed with your future in mind, the Huntsman MBA has been designed to give you the tools needed to succeed in a global economy. Our Full-time, Professional, and Executive programs, you don't need to give up your career to advance your career. Seasoned professors with real-world experience will give you the practical knowledge you need to help your next project succeed.
Cost of Tuition: $30,000
Average time to Graduate: 1 year
Industry Job Outlook: Varies
Placement Rate: Varies with degree
Booth(s): B-12

Utah State University - MHR

About: This option is best suited for individuals looking to launch a successful career in Human Resources. Huntsman MHR students receive hands-on experience with real-world projects, receiving not just textbook knowledge, but practical know-how and the ability to put ideas into action. Your Huntsman MHR degree is, quite simply, an investment in your future.
Cost of Tuition: $33,000
Average time to Graduate: 3 semesters
Industry Job Outlook: Varies
Placement Rate: 95%
Booth(s): M-3

Utah Valley University MBA Program 

About: UVU's dynamic MBA programs strengthen student's business acumen and leadership skills via simulations and case studies combined with mentoring from faculty with real-world experiences. Students apply business concepts in consulting projects on a regional, national and international basis.
Cost of Tuition: $23,500
Average time to Graduate: 1-2 years
Industry Job Outlook: Strong
Placement Rate: 87%
Booth(s): K-1

Weber State University 

About: Weber State University's Goddard School of Business offers 3 graduate degrees; MBA, Master of Accounting, and Master of Taxation. Weber State offers tuition waivers for non-Utah residents.
Cost of Tuition: Business undergraduates, $22,000, Non-business undergraduates, $33,000
Average time to Graduate: 2-3 years
Industry Job Outlook: $71,000 average pay for MBA.
Placement Rate: Varies on degree
Booth(s): O-5

Weber State University 

About: The MHA program at Weber State University is designed to meet the needs of working healthcare professionals wanting to advance into executive leadership roles. The program enhances management, interpersonal, technical and organizational skills and abilities, and fosters self-development, critical thinking and lifelong learning.
Cost of Tuition: $26,000-$35,000
Average time to Graduate: 5 semesters
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: 92% had jobs at the time of graduation in 2017
Booth(s): O-2

Weber State University Master of Science in Nursing Program

About: Weber State School of Nursing Provides the following programs:
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN):
Nurse Educator
Nurse Executive
Nurse Practitioner
All 3 programs are accredited by ACEN.
Cost of Tuition: $4,100 per semester for Graduate Programs
Average time to Graduate: 4 to 5 semesters
Industry Job Outlook: Excellent
Placement Rate: Excellent
Booth(s): K-12