The Power of Knowing Your Audience

Job candidates who can articulate their in-depth understanding of and ability to meet their audience’s specific needs significantly increase their chances of getting interviewed and hired. On the other hand, if you present yourself as an ‘apple’ to an employer who is looking for an ‘orange’, your chances of getting overlooked are high. Why? Because the employer, who was looking for ‘orange’ skills, only knew about your ‘apple’ skills. In addition, it indicates a lack of commitment or genuine interest to potential employers when you have not invested sufficient time and thought into their company. 

In the Career Preparation office, we can help you tailor your application materials, digital profile, interviewing approach, etc. to show your audience how your skills and abilities can help them achieve their goals. To help us help you, complete the ‘Know Your Audience’ guide below and bring a hard copy of it to your career preparation appointment(s).  

Know Your Audience Guide

This guide walks you through the initial steps of conducting online audience research.


Informational Interviews

Learn how to conduct powerful discussions with professionals and mentors, to better understand your industry, companies and positions of interest to you.


McKay Library Career Databases List

A list of datatbases that can provide you with in-depth information about your audience's successes, areas for growth, competitors, etc.


Tailoring Your Resume & Cover Letter

This example teaches how to tailor your resume and cover letter to your audience.


Vault Resource Tutorial

Mergent Online

Mergent Intellect