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IBC Companies

IBC Companies Winter 2014


Company Contact Person: Blake Davis  208-313-2243

Company Email:  


Comapny Facebook:

Brief Description:  We are an online discount gift package company.  We offer special and customized package deals that can be shipped to a loved one or enjoyed for personal use.

Location:  Online.  Able to purchase product anytime, ships Monday-Friday

Forms of payment accepted:  Visa and MasterCard 

A Pinch of Salt

Company Contact Person: Luke Champion

Company Email:

Company Facebook:

Brief Description of Company: We sell pretzels

Location: Smith Lobby

Times open: 11am - 3pm

Forms of payment accepted: Cash

Four Corners: Navajo Tacos and Scones

Company Contact Person: CEO Randy Christensen  

Company Email:  

Brief Description:    Indian fry bread is a tradition amongst the Navajos, and comes with a story of great pain and suffering. The Navajos are where we got our company name, Four Corners, which is a monument in their native land. Four Corner's sell Navajo Tacos and scone bites. Our tacos currently have 3 options, including a chili based, shredded chicken, and garbanzo bean. Our scone bites are scone bits covered in cinnamon sugar.  

Location: Henry's Fork inside the Crossroads.   

Times open: 11am-3pm  

Forms of payment accepted: Cash or card


Company Contact Person: Brandon Bednar (801) 503-8785

Company Email:

Company Facebook:

Brief Description of Company: Auto Wizard is a company dedicated to providing products to customers that give them a more enjoyable, practical, and safe experience with their vehicles. Our main product is the Ice Shield which keeps frost from accumulating on your windshield.

Location: MC in front of the ballrooms

Times open: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Forms of payment accepted: Cash

Cafe Euro

Company Contact Person- Scott Hopkins

Company Facebook-

Brief Description of Company- We are a European Escape where you can enjoy authentic European food including the Greek Euro, various European soups, and salads.

Location- Emma's Kitchen. Clarke 341

Times open- 11:15-1:30

Forms of payment accepted- Cash, Check, iCard (not dining dollars)