IBC Companies

Fall 2014 companies

The Waffle Factory

Company Contact Person: Christopher Parrett

Company Email: cbparrett@hotmail.com

Company Facebook: Waffle Factory

Brief Description of Company: we make the areas most premier and gourmet caramelized waffles. We offer them topped with ice cream, syrups, fruits and so much more. If you are looking for a delicacy unlike anything else come visit!

Location: Smith Building lobby

Location: Smith Building lobby

Times open: 9 am to 2 pm

Forms of payment accepted: cash or Department CPO

Native Craze

Company Contact Person: Chris Claflin (307)220-7153 christopher.claflin@gmail.com

Company Email: nativecraze@gmail.com

Company Facebook: Native Craze

Brief Description of Company: Native Craze is BYU-Idaho's first ever student run healty Açaí, pronounced ah-sigh-ee, company. The Açaí berry is a small purple berry that can only be grown in Brazil. It has a delicious cocoa-berry flavor and is bursting with antioxidants and healthy omegas. As a company, we decided that the best way to share this tasty and beneficial fruit with others would be to blend it with other natural fruits and add a variety of toppings all custom to order. After blending the Açaí with bananas and blueberries to create the base, we will offer toppings such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, granola, honey, chocolate shavings, and coconut to create our famous Açaí Bowl. Our product is 100% natural with no added sugar or preservatives. We believe the students here at BYU-I will go crazy for the taste of this native berry, which lead us to our company name...Native Craze.

Location: 2nd Floor of the Hart (near large windows overlooking the stadium)

Times open: M through F 11 am to 7 pm

Forms of payment accepted: Cash (though we are working toward accepting cards also) or Department CPO.

Bumper Sportz

Company Contact Person: Jacob Calaway (509)591-2808

Company Email: bumpersportz1@gmail.com

Company Facebook: Bumper Sportz Rexburg

Brief Description of Company: Bumper Sports offers a fun activity where you get to wear a Zorb ball and play soccer with your friends. The different nights we offer the activity are Monday, Friday and Saturday. This is an opportunity to enjoy exercise with safety built-in to the fun.

Location: Sign up at booth located in MC Monday-Friday

Times open: Booth hours 9 am to 1:30 pm

Forms of payment accepted: CASH ONLY at booth ($10/person) or Department CPO

Y knot

Company Contact Person: CEO: Alex McRae - mcr09006@byui.edu - cellphone: (208) 608-2545

Company Contact Person: VP: Cameron T. Pierson - pie08002@byui.edu - cellphone: (484) 388-6929

Company Email: Yknotibc@gmail.com

Company Website: Y Knot Outlet

Company Facebook: Y Knot Outlet

Brief Description of Company: About a month ago we were a group of 14 guys that were looking for a solid business idea for a school project. Now, just a couple weeks later, we’re in business! Y Knot Outlet is a student ran clothes store at BYU-Idaho. Our merchandise consists of men’s ties, bow ties, and accessories. We know that as students we are all trying to work hard to make it somewhere in the world. So, let us help YOU by providing some quick tips and some nice clothes to nail down those upcoming job interviews or even that next date you’re planning this weekend!

Location: We are currently located in the Manwaring Center from Monday to Friday

Times open: 11 am to 4pm.

Forms of payment accepted: Cash and checks or Department CPO for right now. Future plans are being made to expand to all forms of payment.

Sweet n' Salty

Company Contact Person- Will Ayer

Company Email- Sweet n Salty Email

Company Facebook- Sweet n Salty

Brief Description of Company- we sell gourmet caramel corn and hot chocolate

Location- Ricks Building

Times open- 8:00-2:00

Forms of payment accepted- Cash and Credit Card (coming soon) or Department CPO

Seasonal Impressions.

Company Contact Person: Justin Maxfield, (208) 346-0786.

Company Email: seasonalimpressionsbyui@gmail.com.

Company Facebook: Seasonal Impressions.

Brief Description of Company: Seasonal Impressions is a craft and home decor company.

Location: MC (Near library and near Taylor building).

Times Open: 11-3:30 Monday through Friday.

Forms of payment accepted: Cash and card.