Spring 2016 companies

Hot Diggity Specialty Dogs

Company Contact Person: Jake DeSchepper

Company Email: des11004@byui.edu

Company Facebook: Hot Diggity Specialty Dogs

Hot Diggity: Specialty Dogs is changing the way people enjoy hotdogs by redefining what the hot dog can be. There are no plain franks doused in ketchup sold here; instead we provide our customer with franks loaded with a variety flavors and textures that excite them and makes them want to come back for more

Location: Smith Lobby

Times Open: 9:00AM-1:30PM

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, iCards With a Balance.

Le Belle

Company Contact Person: Michael Lippe

Company Email: rexburglebelle@gmail.com

Company Facebook: www.facebook.com\RexburgLeBelle

We sell customized metal stamp jewelery.

Location: MC by Crepe Corner

Times open: 11am-3pm (Mon.-Fri.)

Forms of payment accepted: Credit, Debit, Cash, and Check, and I-Card

Shortstop Pretzels

Company Contact Person: Dylan Parry

Company Email: par11027

Company Facebook: Shortstop Pretzels

Selling a variety of homemade pretzels and assorted lemonades.

Location: Outside the library in the ampitheater

Times open: M-F 11am-2pm

Forms of payment accepted: Credit, Debit, Cash

Teton Point Clothing

Company Contact Person: AnneMarie Sloan

Company Email: tetonpoint@gmail.com

Company Facebook: Teton Point

Teton Point is a lifestyle clothing brand that helps BYU-Idaho students and neighboring community members to 'take their lives to new heights.' The name 'Teton Point' was chosen to help brand the valley and nearby mountain range where we live. This name and branded logo are featured on the items of clothing we sell, including, but not limited to, t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, snapback caps, and crewneck sweatshirts.

Location: In the MC by the Ballroom

Times open: M-F 11am - 2pm

Forms of payment accepted: Credit, Debit, Cash, and Check

Sweet Life Inc.

Company Contact Person: Matthew Florez

Company Email: sweetlifeibc@gmail

Company Facebook: Sweet Life

Sweet Life Inc. is an IBC company with one purpose: Chocolate. We sell several chocolatd-themed desserts and treats. We have everything from Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies to Gourmet Chococlate Dipped Strawberries.

Location: MWF in the Ricks Building. TR in the Clarke Building

Times open: M-F 11am - 2pm

Forms of payment accepted: Credit, Cash, and Check