Get Involved Societies 2015 Winter Semester

This information is now current for the Winter 2015 semester.

Agribusiness Management Society
Annie Hankins, President
Kris Toll, VP-Meeting
Chance Merrill, VP-Recruiting
Andrew Anderson, VP-Publicity
Jessalyn Croft, Secretary/Treasurer
Steve McGary, Faculty Advisor
E-mail: or
Meets: Check out Facebook page for specific details. Generally events are held in the evenings.

American Advertising Federation
Katie Bowns, President
Beth Hendricks, Faculty Advisor
E-mail: or
Meets: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:15 - 1:45 p.m., Spori 265

Broadcasting Society
Bryndee Beaty, President
Alexsa Cordova, Vice President
Taylor Holman, Treasurer
Brian Howard, Faculty Advisor
Dues: $10
Meets: Tuesday, 3:30 p.m., Spori 071

Economics Society
Jeremy Scott, President
Mindi Martin, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Every other Thursday (beginning JAN 22), Smith 131

Entrepreneurship Society
Joseph Cammack, President
Andrew Gibby, VP Marketing
Jared Nygren, VP Speakers
Ben Orchard, VP Workshops
Werner Constanza, Marketer
Isai Tapia, Marketer
Alex Lyons, Secretary
Bill Crawford, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Thursday, 2 p.m., Smith 340

Human Resource Society
Skyler Fielding, President
Cord Porter, Vice President
Peter Sandor, Marketing Specialist
Taylor Ririe, Public Relations
Josh Holt, Faculty Advisor
Facebook: BYU-I HR Society
President's E-mail:
Meets: Typically on Thursday, 6:30 p.m., room varies

Investment Society
Trevor Rice, President
Jimmy Mancera, Executive Vice President
Amber Waite, Vice President of Equities
Trey Bluemel, Vice President of Fixed Income
Kerry Webb, Faculty Advisor
Facebook: - schedule and events can be found on Facebook
Enrollment Fee: $10
Meets: Thursday, 2 p.m., Smith 122

Linux Society
Matthew Mason, President
Andrew Turley, Vice President
Michael McLaughlin, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Thursday, 2 p.m., Smith 478

Photographics Society
Tyler Clay, President
Michael Klapp, Vice President
Laura Walker, Secretary
Alexa Knutson, Treasurer
Natalia Hepworth, Blogmaster
Ryan Joos, Webmaster
Caryn Esplin, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Tuesday, 5:30 p.m., Spori 137

Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS)
Kate Schlueter, President
Nathan Garner, Vice President
Kaisa Werner, Secretary
Taylor Smith, Treasurer/Historian
Dallin Greer, Reporter
Nazareth Aintablian, Activity Coordinator
Jeremy Slade, Faculty Advisor
E-mail: or
Meets: PAS does not meet regularly, instead they have scheduled events each semester

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
Margaret Kuettel, President
Mindy Barson, Vice President
Kenady Ghent, Secretary
Kyle Treasure, Historian
Hailey Thomas, PR Director
Joana Ribiero, Treasurer
Ward Hicks, Faculty Advisor
Dues: $70
Meets: Thursday, 2 p.m., Spori 271

Student Accounting Society (SAS)
Ashton Young, President
Ana Zarate, Vice President
Cameron DeWitt, CFO
Aaron Anderson, Secretary
Kim Chan and Adam Franklin, Public Relations
Nick Hicken and Amy Mullen, Service Committee Officers
Don Campbell, Faculty Advisor
Dues: $10
Meets: Thursday, 2 p.m., Smith 129

Supply Chain Management Society (SCMS)
Chris Claflin, President
Melanie Beaulac, Vice President
Andrew Liefson, Operations Chair
Raquel Gerardo Vega, Communications Chair
Joseph Lakenan, Outreach Chair
TJ Toolson, Chief Marketing Officer
Jacob Youngberg, Social Media Manager
Michael Clark, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Every 2nd and 4th Thursday, 7 p.m., Smith 440