Get Involved Societies 2014 Spring Semester

Agribusiness Management Society
Annie Hankins, President
Jessica Bahr, Vice President
Kyle McMurry, Vice President
Steve McGary, Faculty Advisor
E-mail: or
Meets: Thursday, 6:30 p.m., Benson 236

Broadcasting Society
Bryon Muir, President
Alicia Mihu, Vice President
Jesse Verdejo, Treasurer
Brian Howard, Faculty Advisor
Dues: $10
Meets: Tuesday, 3:45 p.m., Spori 071

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)
Nathan Goodworth, President
Ryan Quackenbush, President Advisor
Gleeson Glory, Secretary
Chris White, Director of Marketing
Bill Crawford, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Thursday, 2 p.m., Smith 278

Economics Society
Adam Bahr, President
Robert Goodin, Vice President
Mindi Martin, Faculty Advisor
Ron Nate, Faculty Advisor
Meets:  Every other Thursday, 2 p.m., Smith 131

Human Resource Society
Skyler Fielding, President
Cord Porter, Vice President
Peter Sandor, Marketing Specialist
Kyle Udall, Faculty Relations
Lisa Nguyen, Student Relations
Josh Holt, Faculty Advisor
Facebook: BYU-I HR Society
Meets:  Thursday, 6 p.m., Taylor 147

Investment Society
Mitch Murphy, President
Jimmy Mancera, Vice President
Eric Larsen, Vice President
Kerry Webb, Faculty Advisor
Meets:  Thursday, 2 p.m., Smith 122

Linux Society
Matthew Mason, President
Kevin Kopsa, Vice President Security
Nathan Waters, Vice President Networking
Jonathan Lundberg, Webmaster
Michael McLaughlin, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Thursday, 2 and 6 p.m., Smith 478

Photographics Society
Megan Kelly, President
Michael Klapp, Vice President
Kenzi Schiess, Secretary
James Taylor, Tutorial Manager
Haley Reese, Webmaster
Cameron McDonald, Treasurer
Katie Anderson, Student Advisor
Caryn Esplin, Faculty Advisor
Julie Peterson, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Tuesday, 5:30 p.m., Spori 137

Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS)
Natalie Johnson, President
Toni Mangelson, Vice President
Nathan Garner, Secretary
Jeff Hendricks, Service Coordinator
Trevor Schmidt, Assistant
Sariah Southwick, Historian
Jeremy Slade, Faculty Advisor
Meets:  PAS does not meet regularly, instead they have scheduled events each semester

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
Taylor Bentall, President
Kris Bennett, Vice President
Joana Ribeiro, Secretary
Mike Hopkins, Historian
Sam Mattingly, Professional Development
Mike Cannon, Faculty Advisor
Ward Hicks, Faculty Advisor
Meets: Wednesday, 5 p.m., Spori 265

Student Accounting Society (SAS)
Matt Hill, President
JD Mower, Vice President
Keith Stanfill, CFO
Preston Davison, Public Relations
Dallin Mower, Activities
Don Campbell, Faculty Advisor
Dues: $10
Meets: Thursday, 2 p.m., Smith 440