Besides the classes listed below, you may also register for any second-block or online courses offered by the school.

  • B 220 Advanced Writing in Professional Contexts/FDENG 301 Advanced Writing and Research
    3 credits
    Taught by Karen Holt
  • B 380 Introduction to International Business
    3 credits
    Taught by Phil Packer
  • COMM 140 Mass Media and Society
    3 credits
    Taught by Brian Howard
  • COMM 397R Teamwork and Travel - REQUIRED
    1 credit
    Taught by Beth Hendricks
  • COMM 490 Directed Studies and Projects
    1-2 credits
    Taught by Robyn Bergstrom
  • ECON 358 International Economics
    3 credits
    Taught by Rick Hirschi
  • FDREL 390 Religion Special Topics
    2 credits
    Taught by Joshua Holt
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