Besides the classes listed below, you may also register for any second-block or online courses offered by the school.

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B 380 - Intro to International Business
3 credits

An overview of international business designed to provide a global perspective on international trade and direct investment. Reviews international cultural, political, legal, and economic environments and their effect on marketing, production, and human resource management strategy.

COMM 397 - Teamwork and Travel (required)
1 credit

This practicum is designed to allow you to practice both leadership and teamwork as you experience the culture and company of the students in this travel study opportunity.

COMM 490 - Directed Studies/Projects
1-2 credits

Individual major projects or research.

ECON 358 - International Economics
3 credits
Prerequisites: ECON 150, 151

An introduction to international trade and finance. It examines international institutions, policies, and issues.

FDREL 390 - Special Topics in Scripture
2 credits

For BYU-Idaho students facing special credit situations and for BYU-Idaho travel study students, taught in the term of the travel study, with topics selected which will focus on history, scripture, and culture of the lands visited.