Learn how to engage more students on social media by using specific content on your website. Use this step-by-step tutorial on how to use the social media tab in Ingeniux.

May 23, 2016
Writer: Justin Pearson

Social media can be an effective communication tool to communicate with students. When your department shares a page from their website on social media, content is displayed automatically but you can control what content is shared. For an easier and more accurate way to share content from your department's website, use the following tutorial.

This is an example of what the content would look like on Facebook before you make changes on the "byui.edu/art/advising" webpage.

Facebook Share box example when the social media tab has no pre filled forms.

Follow these steps to modify what content automatically appears on social media:

Step 1 - Login to the BYUI web builder tool Ingeniux

Find the pages in the tree that you have access. For this example we will look at the Art Department's Advising page

Step 2

Click on the fifth tab to expand the social media form

Step 3

This page populates the form when someone shares this page's url on social media sites

Step 4 - Fill out the information here that you want to show up when people share your website on Facebook.

The title field should be filled with the title of the page. The description should preview the content on the page. The image is what will be displayed every time the URL is shared. Make the image engaging and relevant to the content on the page. Videos are usually not something used every post. It's recommended to use video for individual posts. This can be an option if it is changed out frequently with new content.

Note - for images, you need to use at least a 200x200 pixel image or larger.

Step 5

This is what the finished form will look like before you check it in.

This is an example of a Facebook share box after all the fields have been filled out on the social media tab in Ingeniux.

This is what a facebook share box will look like after everything has been filled in.

You can also see what Facebook is showing for your page by visiting the "Sharing Debugger." Enter the URL of a page, then request to "Scrape Again". This also updates the metadata facebook uses for shares in the real world.