Font Guide

Specific typefaces have been chosen for marketing and web communication materials. When applied consistently, these typefaces will help unify our appearance and help the audience recognize the material as coming from BYU-Idaho.

Marketing Fonts

New Gothic and Minion are the primary marketing typefaces and should be used for all marketing material (e.g. print, video, digital advertisements). These fonts have been chosen for their clear, clean feel and are highly-legible.

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Bickham Script and Knockout are secondary marketing typefaces. These fonts have been chosen to allow for versatility in design. Use secondary typefaces sparingly.

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These four fonts are available for purchase through the IT department. For questions or concerns about purchasing approved fonts, contact University Relations.

Campus posters, kiosks, and table tents don't require branded fonts. See Campus Marketing Guide for more information.

Web Fonts

Because not all fonts can be viewed on the web, web fonts have been chosen that mimic the tone of our marketing fonts. The primary web typefaces are Open Sans and Merriweather. They should be used on all university web pages and applications.

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The secondary web typefaces are Pinyon and Oswald. They are meant to add variety if needed. Secondary web typefaces should not be used for page titles or body copy. Do not make fonts so small or so large that they lose readability. Secondary typefaces should be used sparingly.

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Web fonts should not be used on marketing materials.

Open Sans, Merriweather, Pinyon and Oswald are Google Fonts freely available for use on the web. This makes them highly compatible for viewing on most desktops. Click here to learn how to use them:

CSS Font Stacks: When coding our web fonts use the following font stacks.

  • font-family: ‘Open Sans’, Arial, san-serif;
  • font-family: ‘Merriweather’, Georgia, serif;
  • font-family: ‘Pinyon’, Edwardian Script, Georgia, serif;
  • font-family: ‘Oswald’, Arial, sans-serif;

Inter-Office Font Use

PowerPoints, letters, emails and most internal communications don’t require brand fonts, but Arial and Georgia are recommended. For more specific guidelines for internal communication, refer to the Office Communication Style Guide.

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