There are core visual elements that represent the university including fonts, logos, colors and various forms of imagery. These elements need to be visually unified in order to represent BYU-Idaho appropriately.

Logo Guide

An integral part of BYU-Idaho’s brand is the university’s logos. Specific guidelines for the use of each logo helps maintain the clarity and distinctiveness of the brand.

Color Guide

BYU-Idaho has developed a set of core and accent colors available for use on external communication materials. These colors are meant to help unify the image of the university.

Font Guide

Specific typefaces have been chosen for marketing and web communication materials. When applied consistently, these typefaces will help unify our appearance and help the audience recognize the material as coming from BYU-Idaho.

Illustration Guide

BYU-Idaho primarily uses photography in its designs. However, illustrations and icons are useful communication tools and have an important place in our visual identity.

Photography Guide

Photography of the campus, grounds and students of the university play an important part in BYU-Idaho’s image. Guidelines and instructions on obtaining campus photography can be found in this guide.

Video Guide

There are many different ways to communicate inside the university. It can also be a very effective way to communicate. This style guide provides the information needed to correctly create and display the many different forms of communication that can be used.