On-campus Marketing

On-campus marketing includes any material that is solely for individuals who are on campus. Because this material is not readily seen by the off-campus community, less branding elements are required.

Branded Templates

All materials distributed via campus channels, such as posters, kiosks, and fliers have a template that specifies the size and placement of the branding elements. Do not recreate or resize the branding elements yourself. To download templates, visit Planning and Approvals.

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The black logo box in the lower left hand corner is the only required branding element. To set the logo box apart from a dark background, a .25 point gray stroke should be included. Posters and table tents will require a white box in the lower right hand corner for an approval stamp.


A channel is a method or means of advertising or communicating to an audience. Only approved channels may be used for on-campus marketing. See Planning and Approvals for a list of approved channels.


All marketing materials on campus need to be approved by University Relations. After your media has been designed using the provided template, use the On-Campus Marketing Approval Submission Form to submit your media for approval. After review, approval will be given by University Relations. Approval stamp artwork, if required, will be delivered by email.

Allow for more than one round of feedback during the approval process. Most approvals are simple and quick, but sometimes adjustments are required before approval can be given.

Some common errors that cause delays are;

  • Incorrect use of branding elements
  • Copyright violations
  • Imagery displaying dress and grooming inconsistent with the Honor Code
  • Inappropriate, rude, insulting, or crude content


Each channel has its own strengths and weaknesses. See Planning and Approvals for examples of each channel. For help building a marketing strategy, contact the Branding and Marketing office at 208-496-3110.


On-campus campaigns should plan to use approved channels. Exemption requests may be submitted to University Relations. If granted, an exception does not permit future use of the same exception.

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