Merchandising Guide

Specific guidelines have been chosen for departmental merchandising materials. When applied consistently across materials, these guidelines will help unify the appearance of BYU-Idaho and help the audience recognize and become familiar with the BYU-Idaho brand.

Departmental Merchandising Material

Logo/Department Signature

The BYUI logo and department signature guidelines in the Logo Style Guide are also applicable to merchandise. To ensure high visibility of BYUI brand elements, there are certain specifications for each kind of merchandise.


Due to their size, only use the single line department signature and/or the official logo on pens:

Option 1: Use the logo horizontally with a single line of text that represents the department or program organization name.

Option 2: Use the BYU-Idaho logo vertically or horizontally, omitting the department, program, or organization name.

The BYU-Idaho logo must be at least ⅜” wide.


The BYUI logo must be centered on bags. Do not let the logo exceed approximately 7” x 3.94”.


The BYUI logo can be placed on the right or left breast or centered on the back of the neck and should only be approximately 2.125” X 1.125”. Department logos can also be placed centered on either sleeve with the official logo sized to approximately 1.5”x.875” and placed approximately 1” above the hem.

Water Bottles

The BYUI logo should fit comfortably on merchandise. For items like water bottles, the logo should not be larger than ⅜ the circumference of the water bottle.


The official BYUI logo can be centered and sized to approximately 7.4” X 4.16” or 2.125” X 1.125”. The logo can also be placed on the right or left breast and sized approximately 2.125" X 1.125". The department logo can be centered on either sleeve with the official logo sized approximately 1.5”x.875” and placed about 1” above the hem. The BYU-Idaho logo should not be paired with or placed next to other logos.


When creating merchandise for your university group, it is best to pick one of the official brand or accent colors. Have your vendor try to match the colors listed according to the codes in the Color Style Guide. Acceptable color combinations are shown below, including the tints and shades of each accent color.

Note: This is one of the few exceptions where color combinations that include the logo and accent colors are allowed.


You can download Photoshop mockups here to get an idea of what your design will look like when finished and to help your vendor understand what you need from them.

Instructions on how to use the mock-up:

  • You can change the color by going to the layers section and switching the view of a specific color “off” and “on”.
  • After finding the correct logo for your group, place it in the document in order to help your distributor understand your design.
  • Place the artwork for your merchandise in the layer labeled “Place Your Artwork Here”.
  • View your mock-up design to see how your merchandise might look. Adjust different colors using the approved color combinations.

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