Communication Guide

BYU-Idaho’s core message needs to be effectively expressed in all communication inside and outside the university. This communication guide outlines what this message is and how all messaging should relate back to this core message.

Visual Identity Guides

BYU-Idaho Logo With colored boxes

There are core visual elements that represent the university including fonts, logos, colors and various forms of imagery. These elements need to be visually unified in order to represent BYU-Idaho appropriately.

On / Off Campus Marketing Guides

BYU-Idaho Official Template

The marketing communication guide provides information on how to style marketing materials for both on and off campus. Along with that, it also provides templates, examples, and a strategy guide to use.

Office Communication Guide

BYU-Idaho Official Letterhead

There are many different ways to communicate inside the university. It can also be a very effective way to communicate. This style guide provides the information needed to correctly create and display the many different forms of communication that can be used.

Social Media Guide

Phone with social media apps

Guidelines for both visual layout and content are provided in order to represent this university appropriately while using social media. Steps necessary for approved university social media pages are also provided.

Terminology Guide


Here you can find clarification on some of the terms used in the different style guides. There are both general and typographical terms in this glossary.