Shared Commitment

Our message and how we present it matters. Every piece of marketing and communication either strengthens or weakens the BYU-Idaho brand. While no single decision will destroy the brand, a shared commitment to the university's overall mission and brand contributes to the success of BYU-Idaho. We can find the appropriate alignment for our messages if we start with the broader university perspective and then determine how to meet departmental or organizational objectives.

Image of Taylor Quad on the BYU-Idaho campus in the Spring


Every message should reflect BYU-Idaho values. This does not mean that every message we communicate must be focused on the gospel. A message can be casual or lighthearted, but we need to be mindful of our tone. Be sure to avoid crudeness, demeaning humor, sexual suggestiveness, or other tones commonly taken in the world of marketing and advertising. We must not convey a tone in word or image that betrays BYU-Idaho's mission, its sponsoring institution of the church, or our testimonies of the gospel and the Savior. For more information, see the Communication Guide.

Colors, Fonts, Logos, etc.

BYU-Idaho has approved colors, fonts, and logos as well as established standards for photography, illustration, and other visual elements. When used in consistent ways, these elements play an important role in helping people recognize communications as BYU-Idaho messages. There is freedom to use other visual elements in university marketing and advertising, but specific core visual elements need to be used to clearly reflect the BYU-Idaho look and feel.


Brand Colors

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho branding color: Blue PMS 300

PMS: 300

CMYK: 100, 50, 7, 0

RGB: 0, 113, 177

HEX: #0071B1

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho branding color: Black

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100

RGB: 1, 1, 1

HEX: #000000

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho branding color: White

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

RGB: 255, 255, 255


Accent Colors

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho accent color: Green PMS 169

PMS: 369

CMYK: 54, 0, 100, 1

RGB: 128, 192, 65

HEX: #82C242

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho accent color: Purple PMS 7433

PMS: 7433

CMYK: 36, 100, 27, 4

RGB: 165, 33, 111

HEX: #A5216F

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho accent color: Red PMS 172

PMS: 172

CMYK: 4, 99, 98, 0

RGB: 228, 34, 38

HEX: #E42226

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho accent color: Orange PMS 144

PMS: 144

CMYK: 0, 59, 100, 0

RGB: 245, 131, 0

HEX: #F58300

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho accent color: Yellow PMS 7404

PMS: 7404

CMYK: 1, 9, 72, 0

RGB: 254, 254, 102

HEX: #FEE060

Swatch of official BYU-Idaho accent color: Gray

PMS: ###

CMYK: 33, 27, 27, 0

RGB: 173, 173, 173


For more information see Color Style Guide


Primary Marketing Fonts

Image of sample of News Gothic BT Image of sample of Minion Pro

Primary Web Fonts

Image of sample of OpenSans Image of sample of Merriweather

For more information see Font Style Guide


Official Logo

Image of the official BYU-Idaho logo


  • The height of the logo should never be smaller than ⅜”, or approximately 36 px wide.
  • Avoid placing the BYU-Idaho official logo next to other logos.
  • Do not recreate or alter the logo in anyway.
  • Use the approved colors.

For more information see the Logo Style Guide

Clear Space

Always include “clear space” on all sides of the logo. Clear space should be determined by the height of the letter B found on the top left corner of the logo. This space should be kept clear of any other elements.

Image of sample of BYU-Idaho logo spacing guidelines.

Marketing and Advertising

At BYU-Idaho

On the physical campus and online, BYU-Idaho provides many approved formats and locations for displaying marketing and advertising messages. These formats are restricted and have specific requirements in terms of size, location, layout, etc. The guidelines are easy to follow but the specifications must be followed to use them, templates are provided to ensure these guidelines are followed. For more information see the On-Campus Marketing Guide.

Away from BYU-Idaho

When materials are developed for off-campus distribution there are also specifications determined by the owners of those venues. This includes both physical and digital spaces not owned and operated by the university. BYU-Idaho has developed a flexible and effective set of guidelines for how to use our logo, colors, fonts, etc. that allow a consistent representation of the university look and feel in a wide variety of situations. For more information see the Off-Campus Marketing Guide.

Image of sample BYU-Idaho billboard design using branding elements.

Collaboration and Approvals

University Relations is responsible to assist others in developing effective messages and delivering them successfully to their audiences. We are also responsible for protecting and managing the BYU-Idaho brand. This requires some policies and procedures. Media intended for distribution or publishing must be reviewed and approved by University Relations prior to printing, publishing, or distribution. Some channels have unique procedures. The best way to ensure success is to:

  • Use approved channels.
  • Use approved templates.
  • Use the approval process to authorize media for distribution.
  • Consult with University Relations for questions, exceptions, or unusual circumstances.

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