This page refers to on-campus marketing. For off-campus marketing please refer to the Off-Campus Marketing Style Guide.

Image representing a group to symbolizing planning.


Determine what your message is, the best way to communicate it, and what action you desire when others receive the message.

Before creating the advertisement with this channel, read the information below to understand its purpose. If this channel best communicates the message to the target audience and will deliver the desired outcome of the marketing plan, then you can proceed to create the advertisement.


Each department is given its own homepage to provide information and news. This homepage should have all of the important information, as it is usually the first thing people look to when they have questions.

  • People will usually visit this site before any social media or other sites.
  • Department websites receive more visits than department social media pages.
  • Websites allow for maximum amount of information sharing.
  • It can be time-consuming to keep the site updated.
Estimated Cost:


Image representing a ruler and pen to symbolize the creation process.


Use your passion and knowledge to combine the different parts of your message together in a way that will inspire, inform, or invite others.

Create an outlined plan of what content needs to be uploaded to the department webpage, including objective, photos, and content. A website manager can be a great help for keeping this information up-to-date.

Please be sure all content follows the Honor Code and the standards of the university.

Provide contact information and objectives of the website.

Provide a Table of Contents for the site.

Tell us when you substantially update the site.

Image of check mark symbolizing approvals.


Get the approval or verification that your marketing materials meet the guidelines and policies of the university to move forward.

Send the URL link to the Advertising and Marketing office whenever you launch your new site creation or update.

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Print or export your media and distribute your message through official BYU-Idaho marketing channels.

Upload onto the Internet.

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