This page refers to on-campus marketing. For off-campus marketing please refer to the Off-Campus Marketing Style Guide.

For information on mailing addresses, refer to Sending and Receiving BYU-Idaho Mail.

Image representing a group to symbolizing planning.


Before creating the advertisement with this channel, read the information below to understand its purpose. If this channel best communicates the message to the target audience and will deliver the desired outcome of the marketing plan, then you can proceed to creating the advertisement.


Fliers, brochures, and newsletters are sent through Campus Mail Services to internal locations only.

  • Campus mail can be sent to a specific office or department without postage.
  • Employees usually look at mail before it is discarded.
  • Only employees can be reached through this channel.
  • Must comply with the university policy and the US Postal Service regulations.
Estimated Cost (verify prices with vendor before ordering):

B&W - $0.06.

Color - $0.50.

$1.00 per cut ($2.00 for a quarter-fold flier).

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Your ad must follow all rules of template used. Refer to the Communication and Marketing guides when creating your media.

Image of check mark symbolizing approvals.


Submit your media to both Mail Services coordinator Jim Robison, and the Advertising and Marketing supervisor, James Linton for approval.

  • PDF of your brochure.
  • Number of brochures you plan to print.
  • Image sources for copyright purposes.
Image representing a box and arrow to symbolize publishing.


Send the actual flier or media to Jim Robinson a week before the desired send date. Once it is approved, it will be submitted to the desired mailing list. Contact Campus Mail Services for more information.

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