This page refers to on-campus marketing. For off-campus marketing please refer to the Off-Campus Marketing Style Guide.

Image representing a group to symbolizing planning.


Determine what your message is, the best way to communicate it, and what action you desire when others receive the message.

Before creating the advertisement with this channel, read the information below to understand its purpose. If this channel best communicates the message to the target audience and will deliver the desired outcome of the marketing plan, then you can proceed to create the advertisement.


The BYU-Idaho Calendar is a collection of specific calendars used to advertise varied events. It is linked from the university’s main page and from within Filters can be used to expand or limit the listings. Users may subscribe to specific calendars in which they are most interested.

  • Central location for campus events.
  • Subscription, RSS feeds, filters, and search are possible.
  • Event descriptions and images can complement other marketing materials and may include a link to another web page with more information.
  • Events may be easily shared through email, over 250 social media platforms, or saved to personal calendars.
  • Events are shown with other events that can compete for users attention and commitment.
Estimated Cost:


Image representing a ruler and pen to symbolize the creation process.


Use your passion and knowledge to combine the different parts of your message together in a way that will inspire, inform, or invite others.

Schedule a location for your event by contacting the Scheduling Office at 208-496-3120.

Write a description up to two hundred characters long. You may include a URL for a webpage where the viewer can find more information.

Create an image file that is 600 pixels wide and 400 pixels high. If possible, use a photo-editing program (e.g. Photoshop) to optimize for the web.

Image of check mark symbolizing approvals.


Get the approval or verification that your marketing materials meet the guidelines and policies of the university to move forward by submitting written description and image to the Scheduling Office through EMS or by emailing

Image representing a box and arrow to symbolize publishing.


Print or export your media and distribute your message through official BYU-Idaho marketing channels.

The Scheduling Office will connect your scheduled event to your calendar description and image on the BYU-Idaho Calendar. Remember, you may share your BYU-Idaho calendar posting freely through social media.

To learn more about scheduling events at BYU-Idaho using the online schedule, visit the Scheduling Office Web Site

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