This page refers to on-campus marketing. For off-campus marketing please refer to the Off-Campus Marketing Style Guide.

Icon of a group to symbolize planning.


Determine what your message is, the best way to communicate it, and what action you desire when others receive the message.

Read the information below to understand the purpose of booths. If this channel best communicates the message to the target audience and will deliver the desired outcome of the marketing plan, then you can proceed to create the advertisement.


One 6' rectangular table with two chairs, located in different indoor and outdoor locations around campus.

  • Booths can be used to inform passersby about events, announcements, or products.
  • Booths allow for face-to-face interaction with students.
  • Booths can only be set up in predetermined locations.
  • Booth scheduling is based on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Marketing material needs to be approved before being used.
Estimated Cost (verify prices with vendor before ordering):


Icon of a ruler and pen to symbolize the creation process.


Use your passion and knowledge to combine the different parts of your message together in a way that will inspire, inform, or invite others.

  • Design your booth to attract a moving audience.
  • Banners, fliers, and brochures are encouraged for marketing material.
  • Animals are prohibited at booths.
  • Music can be played at booths as long as its volume is not distracting to a learning environment in any way.
  • Costumes and mascots are allowed as long as they remain at the booth and don't cover the face.
Check mark icon symbolizing approvals.


Box with an arrow pointing upward to symbolize publishing.


  • Print your approved marketing material.
  • Set up your booth in the scheduled location at the scheduled time.
  • Distribute your message through the use of your booth.
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