This page refers to on-campus marketing. For off-campus marketing, please refer to the Off-Campus Branding Guidelines

Image of billboard by the sports track advertising for BYU-Idaho


The billboard is the only advertising space of its kind on campus. It's important to remember the audience the billboard will reach considering its location. Some people may pass it frequently, while others may never be in the area.

  • Schedule your billboard as soon as possible.
  • Keep the billboard's text brief.
BYU-Idaho Login is required in order to view and download from the Logo Library.

Determine what your message is, the best way to communicate it, and what action you desire when others receive the message. 


The billboard is primarily for events or announcements that are applicable to audiences both on and off campus.


  • Billboards can be advertised to on and off campus audiences.
  • Billboards are seen by cars and can capture attention from a distance.


  • Billboards are the most expensive channel.
  • Because they are only on one side of campus, billboards have limited reach.
  • Billboard space is limited.

Estimated Cost (verify prices with vendor before ordering):

  • $125 per one billboard

Refer to University Mission and Guideline Library when creating your media in order to inspire, inform, or invite others.

  • Reserve your spot before creating and printing.
  • Download the Billboard Template.
  • Dimensions: 144in x 72in.
  • Billboards do not need a black bar or a department logo. There is a black bar already built into the billboard stand.
  • Design your media using the template provided and submit your final item as a PDF to the Advertising & Marketing office for approval. Use the On-Campus Marketing Approval Submission Form to submit your material.

Get the approval or verification that your marketing materials meet the guidelines and policies of the University to move forward.

An Advertising & Marketing Assistant will contact you within two business days. Please include the following information in your submission using the On-Campus Marketing Approval Submission Form:

  • PDF of your billboard design.
  • Requested Dates.
  • Image sources for copyright purposes.
  • Contact information (this is for Ground Services).

Print or export your media, and distribute your message through official BYU-Idaho marketing channels.

Once you have your approval, the Advertising & Marketing office will contact Ground Services for printing. Once the billboard has been printed, Grounds and Services will contact you in regards to billing.


Billboard by the sports track advertising for BYU-Idaho.
Billboard by the sports track advertising for BYU-Idaho.
Billboard by the sports track advertising for BYU-Idaho.