University Relations provides many resources in helping everyone work together to coordinate messages in marketing and strengthen the BYU-Idaho brand. The planning and approval process can be broken down into the following steps. 

Icon of a group to symbolize planning.


Determine your message, whether the audience is on or off campus, the best media type, and what action you desire from your audience upon receiving your message. Remember, estimated prices are used for planning purposes only. Actual prices may vary depending on the printing vendor.

Image representing a ruler and pen to symbolize the creation process.


Use your passion and knowledge to combine the different parts of your message together in a way that will inspire, inform, or invite others. Be familiar with the usage of the BYU-Idaho Logo and other branding elements. Proof your content for errors and be sensitive to the needs of your audience.

Image of check mark symbolizing approvals.


Use the On-Campus Marketing Approval Submission form to submit your material. Get the approval or verification that your marketing materials meet the guidelines and policies of the university to move forward. All marketing materials on and off campus need to receive approval through the Advertising and Marketing office. Approvals and their digital display stamps are usually valid for one semester and apply only to the submitted marketing material.

Image representing a box and arrow to symbolize publishing.


Print or export your media and distribute your message through official BYU-Idaho marketing mediums. Visit University Print and Copy Services for on-campus printing options.

The Advertising and Marketing office can help with any questions or concerns that you may have about the approval process, marketing approaches, scheduling, and advertising on campus.

Contact us at:
Phone: (208) 496-3110
Office: Biddulph 317

On-Campus Marketing Approaches

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