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Below you will find a list of the advertising channels available for your use, as well as examples of approved media. (The templates are compressed or zipped files that are in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.)


  • You will operate out of your official IBC location. Additional location reservations can be made through the Scheduling Office: (208) 496-3120.
  • Costumes/mascots cannot cover the face and must remain at booth.
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Campus Email (The Feed)

  • These emails go out to students and faculty every Thursday, so plan to submit your material no later than Wednesday before 5 p.m. Each email can be up to 300 characters in length.

IBC groups can send out emails three times a semester. Recommended times are:

  • Beginning of the semester to advertise what your business offers.
  • Middle of the semester to advertise specials or current deals.
  • End of the semester to advertise end of business sales.
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Campus Mail

  • After approval, these ads/promotions can be sent to a specific office or department without postage.
  • You may use this channel only once a semester.
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CVN (Campus Video Network)

  • Videos will not include sound.
  • Recommended to be 30 seconds in length.
  • CVN's require an IBC logo.
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  • Each flier (whether it's a coupon, punch card, or an informational handout) has to be submitted for approval. All materials must include the official IBC logo.
  • Fliers can be handed out at a scheduled booth or place of business.
  • Fliers cannot be distributed by walking around campus.
  • Fliers do not require an approval stamps.
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  • Your design must be approved before your ad can be scheduled, so please plan ahead.
  • Have your kiosk printed and dropped off 2-3 days before its scheduled time.
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Oversized Posters

  • Oversized posters can alternate between the MC and outdoors.
  • Your IBC company may print no more than 10 oversized posters per semester.
  • Each sign will need to be scheduled for a specific location once it is approved.
  • No approval stamp is required.
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  • Once approved, you will receive an approval stamp that will need to be attached before printing or posting the ad.
  • You may place one poster at a time on a bulletin board.
  • Have any white print “bleeds” trimmed off before hanging your ads.
  • IBC logos should be in the lower left-hand corner.
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Printed Banners

  • Must be located by your scheduled booth or place of business. These banners may not be left unattended at any time, inside or outside.
  • Banners should include the IBC logo and be submitted for approval.
  • Banner size can vary from the standard 30x60 or 30x72 size, depending on the needs of your IBC business.
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Social Media

  • Must be submitted for registration, and must include the IBC logo in the cover photo.
  • You will need to delete your page at the end of the semester.
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Table Tents

  • Only 15 copies can be placed around campus to prevent overcrowding on tables.
  • Table tents require an approval stamp.
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Web Ads

  • Please be prepared to provide a URL link to a page that corresponds to your ad.
  • IBC logo should be in the image part of the template.
  • Ads can run for a period of 2 weeks at a time, with a week break in between before being scheduled again.
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