Welcome to the Integrated Business Core. This academic experience is designed to help you develop essential skills and attributes needed in the workforce. It will also help you learn to be a successful advertiser and marketer. You will understand the market and how the audience receives their messages, and learn to be creative within certain guidelines.


All forms of advertising are required to be approved in order to ensure the ad fits within the University's guidelines. This involves:

  • Correct usage of the advertising templates (dimensions, logo use, etc).
  • Conveying an appropriate message.
  • Implementing a clear marketing objective.
  • Exercising caution and respect in regards to copyright laws.

When your advertisement has been created using our approved templates, you'll then submit your content for approval using the on-campus submission form. Once your ad has been submitted:

  • The Advertising and Marketing office will respond within 1-2 business days.
  • There may be delays and corrections to be made, so plan ahead.
  • You will receive an email update from a tool called TeamDynamix that explains if the ad is "in progress" and needs revision, or has been "approved" and is ready to be printed/posted.
  • Check your junk or clutter box if you don't receive an email update.

When uploading content on the submission form, please upload files under 20 MB in size. If your file is too large, you may receive an "error" message when trying to submit your ticket.


Your advertisements will play an enormous role in the success of your business. The materials you produce and distribute become your company's face to the public. That face should be clean and dependable.

Please Note:
Additional IBC guidelines are located at the bottom of each template page. Follow these guidelines along with the regular standard.

IBC Templates


Letter Fliers


Pass Along Cards


Quarter Fliers


Digital Signage Network


Campus Message


Table Tents


Over-sized Posters


Please look to these examples as a guide for the layout of your company's ads. Below you will find a list of the advertising channels available for your use, as well as examples of approved media: