Frequently Asked Questions:

All channels for advertising are approved through the Advertising and Marketing office in Biddulph 317. All initial designs must be approved by being submitted with the On-campus Marketing Approval Submission Form.

For more information on specific approval processes, please visit

Digital approval stamps are used in place of a physical approval stamps and are required for all 11x17 posters and table tents on campus. When sending in your poster or table tent for approval, you will receive a digital approval stamp through your e-mail once your advertisement has been approved.

Although the Advertising and Marketing office team is anxious to help facilitate quick approvals, the approval stamp should be placed by the designer or office responsible for the design.

There is no required place of printing for on-campus advertisements. Students frequently use the Express Print & Copy and other printing shops on campus, but there are several printing stores in Rexburg that are available for your use.

The Advertising and Marketing office is eager to assist in all aspects of on-campus advertising. However, we are not a content creation office and encourage students and on-campus departments to create their designs. We are available for assistance with the templates, but also recommend visiting the Student Technology Center on campus for assistance in becoming familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite and other design skills. Designers can also be hired through the MarComm office.

Certainly. We encourage students and on-campus departments to create their designs in the program with which they’re most familiar. However, we ask that the final step in design creation be to place your design into the BYU-Idaho template ensuring accurate size and required elements for approval.

The current purpose of a web ad is to help groups and organizations drive traffic to a website with additional information. The software we use to install and post the web ads will not allow a web ad to be on display without a URL attached to it. If your group/society has a ‘parent department’ (e.g. Outdoor Activities is under the umbrella of Student Activities) it is acceptable to use the URL for that parent department. You can also use URL's for Facebook pages and other pages.

The Advertising and Marketing office schedules and displays kiosk posters on campus, as well as MC oversized posters and outdoor oversized posters. Calling the Advertising and Marketing office at 208-496-3110 is the easiest way to get scheduled. Emails to are also acceptable.

The best way to determine where posters are approved for display is by visiting this link: . It contains basic information on where and how to display posters, as well as additional useful information.

BYU-Idaho’s policy does not allow outside entities to advertise on campus except through the Scroll. For information about advertising in the Scroll and other recruiting options, visit the External Advertisers page.  If you would like more information on this policy or feel that you could possibly be an exception, you are welcome to contact the Advertising and Marketing office at (208) 496-3110.

For information about using the TV's on campus or the Campus Video Network (CVN) vist  Submit your CVN ad using the On-campus Marketing Approval Submission Form

Emails from the school are sent out twice a week. The University sends out the Advisory on Tuesdays for administrative noticies and sends the Feed on Thursdays for events and promotions. However, groups and societies are limited in advertising. Groups and societies can advertise to recruit new members, but they are asked not to advertise their events or guest speakers outside of their membership. However, events or groups that are a part of Student Activities are allowed to advertise campus wide.

The Advertising and Marketing team works with the custodial department on campus to remove any outdated posters to make room for new incoming advertisements. If you’d like to keep your posters from being thrown away, you must take them down prior to the date on the approval stamp.

The Advertising and Marketing team will typically contact the department that the kiosk belongs to. Typically, you receive a call or an e-mail that your kiosk has been taken down and is ready to be picked up. You will then need to come to the Advertising and Marketing Office in Biddulph Hall 317 to pick it up.

The technical requirements for poster approval are accurate sizing (a normal poster dimension is 11x17 with horizontal options) and the BYU-Idaho logo box. The BYU-Idaho templates make these requirements easy to follow by already being accurate size, including the BYU-Idaho logo, and reserving space in the bottom right corner for a digital approval stamp. Visit for a full list of requirements.

IBC groups are required to use the IBC logo instead of the BYU-Idaho black box logo on all advertisements. The IBC logo and other useful information can be found on the IBC Resource Webpage.