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Marine Biology Field Experience

BYU-Idaho Marine Biology Field Experience

First Block - Spring Semester 2013 

Participants will complete two weeks of on-line instruction in basic marine science and an orientation to research design, and then spend four weeks in residence at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB), Charleston, OR.  OIMB is the marine biological station of the University of Oregon.  

We will be in residence at OIMB from May 4th through June 1st 2013.

While at OIMB participants do course work in marine biology and participate in field trips.  They also work in pairs to propose, plan, and carry out mentored research in marine ecology.  Each research team also writes a research manuscript in which they report the results and conclusions of their research.  One goal of the experience is to submit the best papers to a professional journal for possible publication. 

Marine Biology Field Experience (MBFE) students enroll in the following courses:

  1. BIO 314* - Marine Biology (3 credits)
  2. BIO 499R - Undergraduate Research (3 credits)
  3. BIO 401R - Readings in Biology (1 credit)

*Students who completed BIO 314 previously enroll in BIO 490 - Special Problems (3 credits) instead.

MBFE Prerequisites: 

FDMAT 222 - Biostatistics plus either BIO 181 - Priniples of Biology II or BIO 302 - Ecology I

MBFE Fees: $1400 + BYU-Idaho Tuition

  1. OIMB room and board (dorm and 3 meals/day) $1260

  2. OIMB lab use and class fees $  140

Note 1: MBFE fees do not cover transportation costs. 

Note 2: MBFE participants provide their own transportation to and from OIMB.

Note 3: MBFE participants need not be in residence at BYU-Idaho before or after the time in residence at OIMB.

Enrollment in MBFE

  • Acceptance into MBFE is by application only.  
  • You can obtain an application form from the BYU-Idaho Biology Department Office (Benson 201) or from the MBFE Director: Dr. Alan Holyoak, BEN 294L,, (208) 496-4619.


Q: Can my spouse come with me to OIMB?

A: OIMB housing is not available for spouses who are not MBFE participants.

Q: Can BIO 499R be used to meet the internship requirement for graduation?

A:  Yes, MBFE BIO 499R can be substituted for BIO 497 - Senior Seminar.

Q: Do I have to be in residence at BYU-Idaho for the portion of the block when we are not in residence at OIMB?

A: No. 

Q: Do I have to be a spring-track student to participate in MBFE?

A: No, any qualified BYU-Idaho student can apply.