Ph.D. Wildlife Science; Texas A&M University; 1980-83

M.S. Range & Wildlife Science; Brigham Young University; 1978-80

Wildlife Science; Humboldt State University; 1977-78

B.S. Zoology, Botany (minor); Brigham Young University; 1974-77

Zoology; El Camino Jr. College; 1970-71, 1973-74

Published Articles

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Academic, Professional, and other Honors

Member of selection committee for Distinguished Scientist/Engineer and Distinguished Science Communicator Award for Idaho Academy of Science, 2004-2005.

Board of Trustees, Northwest Scientific Association, 2001-2004.

Associate Editor, Western North American Naturalist, (formerly, The Great Basin Naturalist), Brigham Young University, 1998-approx. 2003.

Past President (2002-2003), President (2001-2002), Trustee on Executive Board (1997-2001), Idaho Academy of Science.

Invited guest speaker at Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 1995.

Certified Wildlife Biologist with The Wildlife Society, 1989.

Varsity Scout Advisor, Taft, CA, 1986-1990. Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor, Taft, CA, 1986-1992.

Explorer Scout Advisor, Torrance, CA, 1973.

Vice-chairman, Mendocino County (California) Fish & Game Advisory Committee, 1985-86. Appointed by County Supervisor.

Member Mendocino County (California) Brush Committee, 1985-86. Requested to be on committee by County Farm Advisor (Rod Shippey).

Lifetime California instructor credential in Forestry, Ecology, Zoological Sciences, Natural Resources and

Related Technologies, 1985. Mendocino College limited service credential in the Biological Sciences, 1984.

Research internship and tuition grants, Department of Zoology, BYU, 1979 and 1980;

Julia Greenwell Scholarship, BYU, 1980.

Award to do forest research on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. Department of Zoology and Graduate School, BYU, 1980.

President of the student chapter of The Wildlife Society, BYU, 1979. Member of financial committee of San Joaquin Chapter of the Wildlife Society, 1992-present.

Certified Ecologist, grade 1 certification with the Ecological Society of America, 1979.


  • FDSCI 203-Environmental Stewardship
  • BIO 204-Invert/Vertebrate Zoology