(candidate) Ph. D. at New Mexico State University-Animal and Range Science

1987 M.S. Brigham Young University-Wildlife Science

1984 B.S. Brigham Young University-Range Science

1981 A.S.S. Ricks College-General Studies

Appointed and Elected Positions

President, Idaho Section of The Wildlife Society. 2008-2010

Western Association of Governors Climate Change Committee.  2008.

Board of Directors.  Greater Yellowstone Coalition.  Bozeman, MT.  2006 -2008.

Utah Regional Advisory Council. (Gubernatorial Appointment).  The council set season and limit regulations for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.  1998-1999 term.

Research Associate.  Forest Service Research Intermountain Region Shrub Sciences Lab.  Provo, Utah.  1997-2000.

Upper Snake River Sage Grouse Working Group.  1999.

Bighorn Sheep Regional Lead Biologist.  Intermountain Region of the Forest Service. 1997-2000.

USDA FS Region 4  Standing Appeal Review Team.  1997-1999.

Bat Regional Lead Biologist.  Intermountain Region of the Forest Service.  1995-1997.

Greater Yellowstone Bald Eagle Working Group (Chair).  1992.  Research Associate.

North American Lynx/ Fisher/ Wolverine Working Group.  1990-1992.

Nebraska Taking Wing/ Waterfowl Working Group.  1989-1990.


  • BIO 362-Stream Ecology
  • BIO 351-Principles Wildlife Management
  • BIO 225 Range Management
  • BIO 423 Natural Resource Policy

Selected Publications

Sherwin R.E.,  S. Haymond, D. Stricklan, and R. Olsen.  2002.  Freeze branding to permanently mark bats.  Wildlife Society Bulletin 30 (1): 97-100.

Sherwin R.E., D. Stricklan, and D.S. Rogers.  2000.  Roosting Affinities of Townsend's Big-eared Bat (Corynorhynus townsendii) in Northern Utah.  Journal of Mammalogy 81 (4): 939-947.

Sherwin R.E., D.S. Rogers, and D. Stricklan.  1996.  The Gating and Management of Logan Cave, Utah, a cooperative effort.  Bat Research News 37:4.

Stricklan, D., J.T. Flinders, and R.G. Cates.  1995.  Factors Affecting Selection of Winter Food and Roosting Resources by Porcupines in Utah.  Great Basin Naturalist 55:29-36.


BYU-Idaho College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 2004 - 2005 Outstanding Faculty cash award.

Faculty Service Learning Award - University Meritorious Service-Learning Award 2002 - 2003. Brigham Young University - Idaho.

Utah Foundation for North American Wild Sheep Public Land Steward of the Year (1997).

(1993), Intermountain Region (4) of the U.S.D.A. Forest Service.

Related Interests

Range and Wildlife Science, Paleobiology

Paleobiology: I enjoy collecting fossils.  My most important finds are the holotype specimens for Brodioptera stricklanii, the oldest known winged insect from North America and a fish from the Manning Canyon Shale formation, named Bourbonnela jocelynae in honor of my deceased daughter, Jocelyn.