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How do I know who my advisor is?

Your advisor is listed on your MYBYUI page, Just log into your area and find the name of your advisor.

Where is the Education Academic Advising located?

The Education Academic Advising is in the Hinckley Building Room 309 and phone is 496-1566. Their website is http://www.byui.edu/advising/humdev/
The Colllege of Ag and Life Sciences Discovery Center  is in BEN 240 and their contact information is:
(208) 496-9830 | CALSacademicdiscoverycenter@byui.edu
In addition, you can find the location of all Academic Advising on campus.

When Can I Register?

Check for registration dates.

How Can I access my Grad Plan?

Grad Planner

Why is there an advising hold on my registration?

When you have reached 24 earned credits an academic hold will be placed on your registration for the next semester. You will be required to meet with your advisor in a face to face meeting where you can review your graduation plan together. Once you have met with your advisor the registration hold will be removed,
The hold will remain and you will NOT be able to register until you do meet with your advisor.

When you are about to leave campus for your off-track semester you should meet with your advisor before leaving campus so that you will not have to try to meet with your advisor long distance.

How do I change my major?

You will need to go to the CALS advising center in BEN 240 [(208) 496-9830] to make changes to your declared major or minor. Most times you could also make changes to other majors besides those dealing with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences by visiting the appropriate Academic Advising. Click here for a list of Academic Advising and their locations.