The web changes fast. BETA is helping us update and refine our system.

October 14, 2011
Writer: Jeffrey Dunster

The Internet changes fast. It's capabilities increase daily and how we use it changes along the way. Our current web site is over seven years old. In internet years, that's about 35 years!


We need to upgrade our old web site, particularly the technology that powers it ("the platform"). Along with this upgrade, we are trying to improve how web content is created and maintained. We also need a lot more flexibility and capability in our web-building platform. This new site is only one of several big improvement projects online.


We also have a lot of old, abandoned content on the old site. Moving to a new web-publishing platform is like moving to a new house; we are forced to look at everything and clean up as we move.


In the past decade, the Internet has become an essential part of our life and experience at BYUI. This new site is part of a larger effort to improve how the university serves each of us in our many, varied needs.