Improving your web experience through combining, streamlining and removing unnecessary content.

October 7, 2011
Writer: Jeffrey Dunster

Over time, we are simplifying the web; we are combining, streamlining, or removing pages to improve your experience. Over 100 web authors, serving colleges, departments, offices and organizations, are cooperating to build the "public website" at


Once this beta phase ends, we have several projects waiting in the wings:

  • Improve search results on the university search engine (
  • Expand mobile device access to web pages
  • Build mobile apps
  • Enhance campus maps and navigation aids
  • And many others


Another exciting change is the new focus on you, the end user, and what you need to do and learn. We are rapidly evolving the web site to focus on your needs, helping you to discover, learn and do what you need to, quickly and easily.