Navigational help for the new BYU-Idaho website.

January 16, 2012
Writer: Web Team

Here are some helpful tips and tricks for navigating the site:

Nav help

1. Use search. It is in the top-right of every page on the new site.

search detail

2. Use your "audience page". We have collected the most common links and information, based on who you are, and put them on one page. Links to these "audience" pages are found at the top of the home page (the header) and also at the bottom of every page, in the footer.

audience detail

3. Use the footer. We have implemented what is called a "mega footer" that contains a very large set of frequently used links. These are similar to the "quick links" in the old site, plus many of the links from the old navigation menus! Scroll down to the bottom of the page and explore the new footer navigation.

Please email your questions or suggestions to:

Will I still be able to access the old website?

The answer is yes! The BETA testing period allowed us to test and refine our new system. But, not every webpage could be moved to the new system during this time. To prevent broken URLs, we've linked the "old site" and the "new site" together until all pages are moved to the new system. Every webpage on the old website will still be available at a new web address -

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