May 4, 2011
Writer: Kirk Rawlins

One of the challenges associated with managing any institutional website, including the BYU-Idaho homepage, is trying to meet every need of every user. This often means that satisfying the needs of one group comes at the expense of another. After two years of research, the Web Services team in University Communications has developed a strategy to create unique "audience pages" designed to function as the homepage for different groups.


Welcoming Our Visitors

Directing our frequent users and internal audiences to their own homepages allows the main homepage ( to cater to the needs of those who are completely unfamiliar with BYU-Idaho. Here we can help them understand how we are different from most other universities they may be considering. While the quality of our faculty, students, and educational offerings certainly compare with any university, we want prospective students to consider some of the factors that other schools may not be able to offer.


Saving Your Own Homepage

One of the best ways to take advantage of your specific audience page is to make it the homepage on your browser. The page has been designed with links and information to help you quickly get where you need to go. By making it the homepage in your browser (or saving it as a bookmark) you immediately have access to these items. Click here to learn how to set the home page in many popular browsers. Use these links:


The Current Students and Employees audience pages were developed based on focus groups and user testing. We are currently working on new audience pages for Prospective Students and for Alumni and Community. We welcome your ideas for any of the pages.