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Search engines are a popular way to navigate the BYU-Idaho Web site. But sometimes the results are out-of-date, duplicated, irrelevant, or missing altogether. To address this, a Google search appliance has been installed directly on campus. This new tool will continuously monitor BYU-Idaho Web pages to provide the most timely search results.

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Global search bar

  • Every page has a global search bar in the header to search all public BYU-Idaho sites.

Local search bar

  • Department and office sub-sites have a their own search bar that searches only their information.
  • The results from this search bar will be much more refined and helpful if you know which site to search in.
Global Search

Google Mini

  • Google Mini has been adopted as BYU-Idaho's new search engine-a major improvement from the previous search function.
  • The new site is better optimized for search indexing and should, over time, provide better results to all engines.
Global Search