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The new BYU-Idaho Web site has a fresh look and feel. This updated style reflects the continual strengthening and enhancement of the university. Variety and flexibility are core features, with a few key elements of style that will soon spread to other university pages and services. The goal is speed, simplicity, and clarity. An official BYU-Idaho page should be recognizable with just a glance.


The site's design will constantly-yet subtly-evolve to match current Internet conventions and the university's own changing needs. Watch for mobile versions next!

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New Look and Feel

  • The new site features large, vivid images that help tell the story of BYU-Idaho.
  • Official university colors and fonts have been incorporated into the new design.
  • Research and testing has given the university insight into how the new web design can help the user experience.
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Effective Design Elements

  • A common navigation bar is included on all sites with the new design.
  • Highlighting brings important items to the surface.
  • Effective institutional messaging has been incorporated into the site.
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