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Vehicle Repair

Current Projects Needed are:


Electrical (Problems with batteries, no or slow crank starting, charging alternators, issues with lights, horns, wipers, windows, door locks); Steering, Suspension, & Brakes (brakes, wheel bearings, tires, shocks & struts, ball joints, loose steering, wheel alignments); Engine Performance (tune-ups/poor engine performance, water pumps, fuel system, ignition systems, check engine light); Heating & A/C).   

Fill out an Automotive Repair Request Form, email or call 496-7660 to be added to our project list.

repair requests
DISCLAIMER - Repairs made will be done as an instructional project by BYU Idaho automotive students. The university and it's employees and agents will not be liable for loss or damage to the vehicle. You agree that the vehicle will not be released until fees are paid. A mechanics lien may be assigned to the vehicle to recover those fees. Students may operate the vehicle for purposes of testing and diagnosis at your risk.