Агов (Ahov)! (Hello)

Welcome to the BYU-Idaho Ukranian Association home page! Most people think that in order to join Ukranian Association you have to be Ukranian, but this is not true. We are happy to have anyone come learn about Ukraine! We hope to help you develop strong friendships and an understanding of Ukranian culture via fun activities and games. Hope to see you there!

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We do not currently have a Ukranian Association President. Please contact us if you are interested by emailing, calling, or coming into the Rigby 272 M-F between 2 and 5 pm.


President: TBD
Phone: 208-496-1420
Email: associations@byui.edu

Useful Words

Агов                                                              Ahov
How are you? Як ти поживаєш?                                       Jak ty požyvajesh?
Thank you
Дякую                                                            Diakuju
What's your name?
My name is ...
Як тебе звати                                               Jak tebe zvaty?

Мене звуть                                                Mene zvuť ...

Fun Facts

1. Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe (2nd biggest if counting Russia) with total area of 603.550 square kilometers, yet the population is lesser than in France and Germany.
2. Popular traditional Ukrainian dishes are borsh - yummy beef and meat soup and varenyky - dumplings filled with meat, potato or sweet berries.
3. Ukraine shares land borders with 7 countries, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.
4. Ukraine has many interesting animals including lynxes, wolves, wild boar, brown bears, beavers, otters, hamsters and gophers. Carp, bream and catfish are common fish species, while Great White Pelicans are native to south-west areas.
5. Traditional Ukrainian dishes include varenyky and pierogi dumpling dishes, soup called borsch and famous specialities named after the capital city such as Chicken Kiev and the dessert Kiev Cake.
6. Ukrainians wear their wedding rings on their right hands.