Hej! (Hello) 

Welcome to the BYU-Idaho Scandinavian Association home page! Most people think that in order to join "Scandinavian Association you have to be Scandinavian", but this is not true. We are happy to have anyone come learn about Scandinavia! We hope to help you develop strong friendships and an understanding of Scandinavian culture via fun activities and games. Hope to see you there!

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President: Jennifer Ries
Phone: 503-720-0492

Hello:                                                                          Hej.

Goodbye:                                                                   Adjö/Hej då.

Yes:                                                                             Ja.

No:                                                                               Nej.

Please:                                                                        Snälla/Vänligen.

Thank you:                                                                Tack.

My name is ...:                                                          Jag heter ...

Fun Facts

1. The world's largest population of arctic reindeer herders can be found in Norway!

2. The most popular souvenir in Sweden is the commonly seen "moose-crossing" warning sign along roads in Sweden. Swedes replace thousands of these traffic signs each year.
3. During Easter in Sweden, which is a well-known holiday here, children dress up and go from home to home asking for candy, similar to Halloween!
4. Finns are crazy about odd championships. They have had competitions for: mobile phone throwing; playing air guitar; and sitting on an ants' nest. Seriously.
5. Swedish meatballs do come from Sweden.
6. Krakens, trolls, dwarves, elves and 'Nisse' (the trickster version of Santa Claus) are very much a part of Scandinavian cultures.
7. Composed of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Scandinavia.