Russian Association

Welcome to the BYU Idaho Russian Association home page!

Come join us, and feel like you are back in the mother land.

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We do not currently have a Russian Association President. Please contact us if you are interested by emailing, calling, or coming into the Rigby 272 M-F between 2 and 5pm. 

President: N/A
Phone: 208-496-1420

Useful Words in Russian


Hello  Zdravstvuj  (zdrah-stvooy)

Fun Facts

Did you know that...

    • There are more than 150 Million Russian speakers in the world, making it the world's 8th most spoken language!
    • During the Second World War, metro stations were used as air-raid shelters. 150 people were born there.
    • The way from Moscow to Chicago is closer than from Chicago to Rio-de-Janeiro.
    • The closest point between Russia and America is only 4 km long.
    • The total length of the Kremlin walls is 2235 meters.
    • The biggest flood in Moscow was in the year of 1908, when waters went up to 9 metres and immersed 1600 hectares of the city territory.
    • There are 7 identical high-rise buildings in Moscow: 2 hotels, 2 administrative buildings, 2 blocks of flats and the Moscow State University.
    • There are 7 towns in the Golden Ring of Russia.
    • The Moscow River is 65 km long and flows along the whole city.