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Native American Heritage Association Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Did you know that...

    • There are more than 4.5 million Native Americans living in Canada and the United Staes

    • Twenty six states in the United States have names which originate from Native American languages.

    • Native Americans are the only U.S. minority group that must legally prove its minority status (race or ethnicity).

    • A reservation is land a tribe reserved for itself or assigned to the tribe when it relinquished other land areas to the U.S.

    • There are 302 Forested Indian Reservations which encompass 17.9 million acres of Native American forest lands—7.7 million acres of timberlands and 10.2 million acres of woodlands.

    • Native American land contains an estimated 10% of all energy resources in the United States

    • Native Americans do not get payments from the government for being Indian. However a tribe or individual may receive payment of income from their lands and resources that the federal government administers for them, such as fees collected from grazing leases.

    • Indians do not speak one language; English is the primary language of Native Americans. However, nearly 250 tribal languages are still spoken as a second language.